Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Nandos, Be Happy"

Hello dear family!

         I cannot believe you got my travel plans...me, Sister Moyes, and Elder Heninger (one of the ZL's who goes home with us) were just freaking out driving to MLC yesterday morning. But, I guess it's kind of exciting. But missionary work...
         Our Sister investigator is doing so good! We saw her a lot this week and she is so amazing!   We saw her Friday night and she said that she knows that the church is true. Then Sunday at church we were talking to her and some members and she just straight up said "I just want to be a full fledged member already!"  She is so excited for her baptism!  We took her to the temple Sunday night and she absolutely loved it! And she just understands everything and accepts everything. 

     This week was a lot of planning...which is always fun. We had to plan for the transfer and we have made a lot of good plans and set lots of good goals, I'm so excited to see what this transfer has in store!  Amazing things are around the corner.
         So this week we had a mission tour with Elder Johnson who is in the Europe area presidency, and it was so good! We had zone conference Saturday in Crawley and I really needed it. It's funny cause we have SO many meetings as missionaries, but regardless what meeting it is, I have found that if you prepare yourself beforehand and go expecting to receive revelation, then you will. This applies to church as well folks. If you stop taking selfies you would get some more from church as well ;) haha jk, keep the Sunday selfies going, we look forward to them every week haha, it has just kind of become a joke between the missionaries in the Epsom ward, your selfies are the best.
MLC with Elder and Sister Johnson
         Something that I really liked from zone conference was actually what President talked about. He talked to us about journeys and trips. You spend all this time preparing to go on a journey, but once you are on a journey, how much do you take advantage of it? Someone made the comment which made me think...do I serve time? Or do I serve Christ?
What am I focused on as a missionary? Something that I have thought about a lot the past few days is the importance of finding joy in the journey. My mission isn't about the destination, it is very easy to get caught up in looking at my mission as just this 18 months, but in all reality, my mission is about the journey. It is about being spiritually changed, not just physically changed. My mission is about changing my very nature, which comes from enjoying the journey and focusing on the journey, not the destination. I just really loved this and it was a good reminder for me of why I'm here and if I'm taking full advantage of my time on this journey.
         Sister Johnson said a few things over the past few days that I have loved! She said the best thing we can possibly do for the church is to smile, and that love is our best tool against Satan. So be happy people, love and happiness changes lives :)
         Lastly, sorry this letter is really preachy, it has just been a good week of meetings :) but at MLC Elder Johnson spoke to us about faith and consecration. He talked about how we need to continually be improving, but we need to be careful (especially as sisters) to not be focusing so much on our weaknesses that we get in the way of heavenly fathers work going forward. Basically what I got from it is that I need to chill a bit and not expect perfection in myself, it will make me a lot happier.
         Today for P-day we went to Nandos with the zone leaders and the office elders. Nandos is so good. I'm going to open one in Salt Lake when I get home. Now we are going to the temple to say happy birthday to Sister Bills. 
         But hey I love you guys! Your the best and I can't wait to see you soon!!!! 

The one and only sister Robison

Hugh and Joan a 90 yr. old couple we teach
Temple selfie with the Crawley leadership
Sister Bills and I 

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