Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello family,
         Well I am trying to remember what even happened this week...I am currently almost in tears after hearing the news about one direction and seeing all the pictures from Bris trip to Disneyland...I am homesick for Disneyland...but  I can go there next summer :)
         Well the highlight of this week was probably Wednesday.  We were able to go up to the temple because we didn't have to do anything for transfers.  The Deans took us up and we got there early enough to do initiatories and a session.  It was so nice to be back in the temple, I have missed it so much.  As I was there I was reflecting a lot about the first time I went through the temple and how unfamiliar everything was to me, but how much I have grown since then.  It is often hard to see your progress you have made by just looking day by day.  I often think that I haven't changed at all yet, but looking back since then my testimony has grown so much.  I now understand so much more.  I read a quote or scripture or heard in a talk this week something that said that when you are obedient that is when you are able to learn more.  Learning and gaining that knowledge is such an important part of this earthly life, because everything you learn here you will take on with you to the next life.  So the more you learn, the better off you will be.  Therefore, the more obedient you are here, the better off you will be in the next life.  I have seen that in my life here as a missionary.  I have learned so much out here, my understanding of the plan of salvation and of the importance of this gospel has increased so much.  And it has been as I have strived to live every mission rule and be exactly obedient that I have learned the most.  In study this week I have been reading Jesus the Christ.  I am not tackling all of it, although I wish I could, but I am just reading about the last few days of the Saviors life.  I have learned so much from that.  I recently got done reading about the Last Supper and the betrayal.  It amazes me everything Christ has done.  He knew he was going to be betrayed, but he still went on with the Last Supper.  I have learned a lot about Judas as well and the reasons behind why he betrayed Christ and everything that happened with him.  You should read in Jesus the Christ this week, we can all learn a lot from it I believe.  The church released a new video this week called Because He Lives.  It is there new Easter video, if you haven't watched it yet, watch it.  Those videos the church releases are such powerful missionary tools.  Without a doubt every time I watch it I feel the spirit.  I just can't wait until we have our Ipads in a few weeks and we can show videos on the street, that will be such a good tool!  Well sorry to be preachy there, just thought I would share what’s been on my mind about what I have learned lately :) 
         This week we focused on our recent convert T a lot.  We hadn't seen him all week until Friday night.  We had a ward party that night, they watched The Legacy, so we invited him to that and he called us and asked if we were at the chapel, we were there eating dinner, so he said he was going to head over right now.  We weren't sure what we were going to do because we had about 1.5 hours till the ward party started, but we ended up teaching him.  Sisters have a hard time being bold with people sometimes, so the Elders (Elder Green and Elder Schulthies) told us they wanted to teach him.  We were all there and had scheduled in street contacting, but T was there, so we thought we might as well teach him now.  We had a really good lesson with him, but there is something holding him back.  He would not open up to us about why he isn't coming to church, it has been 3 months since he has been now.  So that lesson was okay, we felt good after it, the elders were really bold, but T said it is good to be bold with him sometimes.  So we saw him again Saturday morning because that was the appointment we had set with him for the week.  That lesson went well.  He walked in and said "sister I have to tell you the truth, I haven't been reading the Book of Mormon" well, we figured he hadn't.  He always said he was in Helaman or the end of Alma, but couldn't really explain what was going on.  I just thought it was because he was in the war chapters, but he told us the truth.  So that was good, and we had a good lesson with him where we just read a chapter, Alma 7, with him about Christ.  We thought all was well.  He told us he would be at church, when we committed him to come I told him that if he really wasn't going to come to just say no because we don't want to plan on him if he wasn't going to come.  And he thought about it and said yes he will be there.  Well Sunday rolls around and surprise surprise he wasn't there again.  He texts us after church and says "This may sound strange, but I took the Sacrament at home today" we text him back and ask how and he says he just googled how to bless and pass mormon sacrament and did it.  So we call him and tell him we need to meet up, because obviously that is not okay to do.  He comes to the chapel and we had a really good teach with him.  We went into it with the idea that we were going to "drop"him, if you can drop a recent convert...but basically give him a few weeks to just think about everything and decide what he wants then we will get back to him.  We were really bold with him, I even started crying.  The Chinese Elders were listening into our teach and after they were just like man you guys were bold.  But it was good.  We got our point across and T opened up a lot.  Turns out he has never lived the Word of Wisdom, it isn't just tea either, it is alcohol.  He doesn't really believe in God or in Satan.  So he doesn't have a testimony at all.  There is a recent convert here who did a "mormon month" before he got baptized, where he lived all the commandments and the gospel fully to test it out to see if it is right, and 2 weeks into it he knew it was true.  So we talked to T about doing that and he is going to do it.  It will be hard for him, and a big task for us to keep him motivated to do it, but we have complete faith that as he does it Heavenly Father will bless him and he will gain a testimony of this gospel.  We just keep praying that he will be sincere about it.  
         This week we also said goodbye to our eternal investigator M.  I may have told you about him before.  But he wasn't married so he couldn't get baptized.  He moved up to Reeding this week, so we had our last teach with him.  That was sad, he is cool.  
         This week street contacting it seemed like the only people we talked to were Muslims, so that was fun.  I learned a lot about them and what they believe in.  
         Elder Green pointed out my grey hair yesterday...looks like it is time to dye it again.  I guess I just had one sticking up in the back of my head and he made a joke about it, little did he know I have a whole head of grey hair, it is really bad.  I think we are going to go get our hair done today. 
         The guy I met on the bus is doing really good.  We have taught him the first 2 lessons and he is reading the book of mormon (which most investigators don't do right off the bat, AMAZING!) he has a baptismal date for May 9, it is far out there, but we don't know what he needs to sort out in his life to be baptized.  Especially just getting out of jail, the first presidency may have to approve it depending on how serious the crime is.  But he is good, only struggle with him is he travels every weekend so he can never come to church.  We will get him though.  And the other guy we called from the phone he has come to a few activities and things, but we have a hard time getting a hold of him.  We are hoping to see him this week because he is really cool and has a lot of potential. 
         This week we were out street contacting on Monday by the pier because it was a gorgeous sunny day, and this guy walks up in the middle of a gospel discussion and says "listen to these guys they know what they are talking about" at first I thought great, this guy is making fun of us, we are never going to recover from this, but then he explains that he is from SLC here on holiday.  It was that Alan Smith guy that called you mom.  It was really nice and made my whole day that he took the time to say hi to us.  You don't get many people here that recognize us or say hi, so it was really nice of him.  Hope you enjoyed talking to him, I knew you would like getting a call like that :)  Right after that we had a long conversation with a guy who was a witch, that was freaky.  You could just see that there was some darkness in him, people are scary.  
         Well sorry this weeks letter was really random and unorganized, I will repent and do better.  Today marks the start of the new transfer and we are going to hit the ground running.  I am really excited to be with Sister G. for another transfer.  We both grew a lot last transfer and had a lot of changing to do.  We know each other really well now and know how to work with each other, we know it will be hard, but we are going to go out and find teach and baptize.  I want so badly to Find Teach and Baptize someone before I leave Brighton, and if I want to do that, I am going to have to put so much more faith and trust in the Lord this week.  I know that it is possible, but not by me.  It is through the Lord that I will be able to do it, and I know the Lord has someone here who is prepared for us, we just have to go out and give it our all to find them. 
         Well I love you guys so much!  Thank you for all the prayers, you guys are the best!  

I love you all!  Hope you have a fantastic week! 

Sister Robison xxx 

I found Norway Street here, looks like Dad and I served in the same mission!

Our Chapel is right in the middle of town by a super busy road.
It is a newer building and super nice.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Brighton It Is!!!

Hello family, 
     Are you dying cause you haven't gotten an email yet?  Sorry, transfer week we don't have p-day on Monday but we still get email time, but we didn't schedule it until later in the day.  We went up to the Deans this morning for a breakfast with the missionaries because Elder Lam, a Chinese speaking missionary, went home today.  Brighton is just the place to finish your mission.  Maybe I will finish off here to.  Me and sister Ghalkhani are staying in Brighton together :)  I am so happy that I have another transfer here because there is so much work that I can still do here, I don't feel like I have discovered the purpose for me being here yet, so hopefully in the next transfer I will be able to determine that.  President was considering putting us in a Tri, but because our flat is so small we wouldn't have room for another sister.  That would have been super stressful.  So yea, no changes here.  There is only one change in our whole zone district is all staying the same.  That means that I will have served with Elder Green and Elder Williams for 6 months. I am really lucky in that way.  These elders have become my best friends.  They have been through a lot with me and we have all learned and grown together.  I will definitely miss them when we all leave next transfer (we think that is what is going to happen anyways...)
     Well this week was rubbish to say the least.  It may have just been the worst week of my entire is changing this week though.  It just seemed like nothing was going our way last week.  All of our appointments seemed to be falling through and a lot of our recent converts are struggling.  T still isn't doing good or coming to church, we really don't know what to do with him, it is frustrating.  Some other converts went to the temple to do baptisms for the first time and didn't have a good experience, they didn't really like it, so that was disappointing.  And then just other issues that cause us stress.  I tell you, a mission is so stressful.  I don't think I have ever worried about other people so much in my entire life.  But it is a good humbling experience.  I am learning to forget about myself and worry about others.  You are seriously thinking about other people 24/7.  You can't even study for yourself during personal study time, because your studying for investigators, which is hard for me because there is so much I want to study out here, but I don't have the time.  You are always thinking about the people around you and who you can talk to/what you can talk to them about.  You are worried about ward members and helping them in their callings and getting motivated to do missionary work, you are worried about your companion and how they are doing.  It is so weird how well you get to know your companions; you can really tell if something is bothering them, even if they don't act like it.  You are worried about someone somewhere all the time!  It is stressful!!  But so worth it.  
     Another thing I have really learned lately is that if you ask Heavenly Father to show you your weaknesses so you can improve, you better be ready to have your weaknesses shown to you!   This has been a huge thing for me this transfer.  I loved what you said in your email Dad, about what you wrote in your journal, because I wrote almost the same thing this morning.  I had a very big humbling week at the beginning of this transfer, and since then was able to really grow and improve on my weaknesses, but it seems like once things get better and you improve that you forget about those humbling experiences.  So I am now going through another week where it just seems like every problem I have ever had and every weaknesses is being brought to my remembrance.  But ultimately that is what this life/mission is about, continually repenting.  I have gained such a strong testimony of the Atonement this transfer.  It truly does mean change to me.  I know that there is so much I need to improve on and I have a lot of weaknesses, but I have faith because through the Atonement I will be able to eventually make those changes I need too.  It will not be easy, and this week has been far from easy, but you have to go through the hard times to enjoy the blessings more.  This is the most important work to be done in our lives; it is the work of salvation, so of course it isn't going to be easy.  I truly believe that missions are so much for the missionaries and not for the people we teach.  Yes it is great to bring others to the knowledge of the gospel as we learn and grow, but I have thought a lot about how there is a reason the church sends 18-24 year olds out on a mission, not 40 year olds.  This is a crucial part of our lives, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here being refined into who the Lord NEEDS me to be for the rest of my life.  Sorry that was really preachy, but thought I would share a bit about what I have learned this transfer. 
     Well other stories from this week:
     On Wednesday nights the Chinese elders do an English class for their investigators, but we go for Sister G. language study.  For the last half of it, we just have conversations about normal life.  This week we got off on a rant about UFO's and Bigfoot, so that was entertaining.  
     Thursday was the most rubbish day of the whole week.  I forgot the keys to our flat to start it off...we traveled 1.5 hours out to Shoram to visit a fess active member and she did not open the door (we later found out she was just in bed...frustrating), our appointment with 2 investigators falling through, and then to end the night we broke one of our glasses.  Probably doesn't sound too rubbish to you, but it was a terrible day.  
     Friday was bad too...we were going out to Newhaven (the furthest out our area goes) to do LA work before a teach, but we needed to go one bus stop further than we usually do, well little did we know that the bus doesn't stop again until Seaford, which is definitely not in our area.  So we were kind of freaking out cause we were outside of our area, but don't worry we called the District Leader and he didn't care, we just got back super fast.  Then that night we had a talent show with the missionaries and some investigators.  Well I played the piano, The Spirit of God to be exact, and about half way through, the pedal just drops, it broke.  It was so bad.  So then we had all the Chinese investigators taking apart the piano trying to fix it...hilarious.  I took pictures, I will send them.  Don't worry though, we fixed it ha-ha. 

     Saturday I told the Elders I would make them Snicker doodles cause they have done a lot for us recently, so after nightly planning I was sitting in the kitchen making them, when all of a sudden the power goes out, but just in our flat.  So Sister Ghalkhani goes off about if our flat is blessed and maybe there are spirits in our flat and all this stuff, I was freaking out!  It was so scary!  But turns out our energy just got flipped off, it does that randomly apparently.  It was so bad.  Friday night I was kneeling saying my prayers before bed, all the lights were off, and I thought that Sister G. had gotten up on her bed already (cause I switched to the bottom bunk), and all of a sudden I hear rustling out in the hall and walking around and just see this figure walking into the room, I thought I was going to die.  I was so scared, but it was just sister G.  It was so scary! ha-ha
     Well there you go, there are some of the highlights of my week ha-ha.  Brighton is the best I am so privileged to be serving here.  Hopefully I will get to go to the temple Wednesday, cause that is our p-day this week.  That will be really nice.  I am really looking forward to General Conference as well.  I love reading those talks and listening to general authorities, they are the best!
     Well family, I love you all so much!  Can't believe I am on my 4th transfer now!  This transfer will bring new challenges, seeing as this is the first time I will have a companion for longer than 1 transfer, but it will be good.  Sister Ghalkhani and I are really good together; we help each other see our weaknesses and change.  We have both learned and grown a lot together. 
You are the best!  Have a great week!!

Sister Robison xxx 

We went to the pier last p-day with another district, Brighton Pier will always be one of my favorite views in the whole world, it is so so pretty down there!

There is a weird donut shaped thing there...we went and took pictures with it...

Our District after our last district meeting we thought we would have a s a district...little did we know we would all stay this transfer!!!

Our District at breakfast this morning before sending Elder Lam off, so sad seeing missionaries go home!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Castles, German Pancakes and Baptismal Dates

Hello family, 
     What a week.  This week has been good!  Sorry about last week, it was a crazy hectic day trying to figure everything out.  But I am alive, don't worry.  This week we were able to get some new investigators and a baptismal date!  My mind is kind of at a blank right now about what we actually did this sorry if this is a weird email.  
         But I will start with the Baptismal date!  His name is S and he is someone that I talked to the other day on the bus.  Bus contacting is one of my biggest weaknesses and fears.  I struggle with finding, as you know, but especially bus contacting, I don't know why, but it scares me.  But the other day I got on the bus, went to the top floor, and it was full, so I sat down next to this guy and he was actually really interested and talked to me the whole time.  We called him and he said that he would like to meet up, so we met up and he is solid.  He just got out of prison 10 weeks ago, which is concerning, but he is such a good guy now.  He accepted a BD and said how he knows there is a reason that I sat next to him on the bus that day, how I could have sat next to anyone, but I sat next to him.  That was good to hear, it made me feel really successful and it has increased me confidence in talking to people on the bus.  So that was pretty exciting!  

     I made german pancakes for my german companion this week...haha.  Believe it or not she had never heard of/or had german pancakes before.  But they were good and she liked them.  I am teaching my german companion how to be german :) haha.  Sister Ghalkhani is great.  She is so nice and is very soft spoken.  I guess the reason I haven't said much about her is because we haven't had any problems.  It is weird though; this transfer has gone so fast, it feels like we are just on an exchange and that Sister Stuart will be back soon.  It almost feels like we aren't companions, I don't know why.  But I do love her a lot, I have grown a lot with her.  I have changed a ton this transfer, I have been able to see the changes I have made come into effect in my missionary work this week.  It is hard, because I feel like a totally different person than the person I was a few weeks ago, but I know it is for the best.  Even the district has mentioned how I am not the same anymore.  Someone told me yesterday that I looked happier than I usually am, I think I have looked super depressed lately, I don't know why.  But ya, it is hard to explain, I am just a different person now.  Sister Ghalkhani is super trustworthy and is very patient with me.  I love her.  As far as transfers go, I really don't know what is going to happen.  I have a feeling I am going to be moving, which will be hard, but I have decided that I am kind of ready to leave Brighton.  I have been here for a while and I feel like my time here is almost up.  But we will see.

     We also had zone conference this week and Elder Dyches from the seventy was here, it was really good.  Obedience was stressed a lot, which I really enjoyed.  He had about 1/3 of the group of us there stand up and he made the point that that is the amount of missionaries in our mission who aren't waking up on time, and if they aren't waking up on time how do they expect to ask inspired questions?  That really hit me.  Successfulness in my mission really does go back to obedience, and perfect obedience.  Obedience is key.  I have improved a lot on being more obedient this transfer, but I still have a lot to work on.  We also found out that we are getting ipads in April! I am so excited for that, it will help us teach more effectively and be more organized.  You don't know how many times I sit and think 'man if we had ipads it would make life so much better because then you can show mormon messages on the street and in teaches, you have everything at your fingertips that will be really exciting.  I also learned a lot about planning better for our days and being effective/master teachers.  That was his whole topic, being master teachers.  It was really good and I got a lot from it.  
         We watched the Joseph Smith movie this week (the hour long one) with a new investigator.  He is Nigerian and is really cool.  I love that movie so much and the spirit was so strong.  He made the comment after he watched it about how he was cold, and asked for his jacket, I wanted to be like no your not cold, that is the spirit, but I didn't haha.  
     Saturday was a really long day.  We went out to a place called Lewes to contact less actives.  All the less actives were home, which was good, but we didn't see any success from it.  There is a castle in Lewes, so for our lunch break we went and walked around it, it was pretty fun.  

Tiny alleyways in England...they are the best!!

     Yesterday was a pretty good day for me.  T spoke at a fireside up at the visitors center.  I was so proud of him and he did so well.  He spoke about the atonement and how the gospel has changed his life.  He is such a good guy.  President Millar was there last night, so we tried to get info out of him for transfers, but of course he just laughed and said he won't tell us.  But he did say that there are 3 sets of sisters that are going to "pink wash" (meaning that they are both being put into an area neither has served in before), 7 sisters coming in, 1 elder coming in, and 17 elders going home.  Almost all of his leadership is going home in the next 2 transfers, so he is getting new leadership up in the mission.  It is crazy how many people are going home, you can definitely tell that that was the group from when the age change was announced!  The mission is losing a lot of really good missionaries...but there is good missionaries here still :) So we will see what will happen..
         Other highlights of the week:  So since Sister Ghalkhani (she lived in germany her whole life, but her dad is from Iran, which is why her last name isn't german) doesn't speak english for her native language, we have to do language study everyday for 30 minutes.  Her english is really good, and she really doesn't even need it, but president has asked that we keep doing it, so we do.  So one day this week she decided she wanted to sing hymns for language, so we sang all the American anthem hymns haha.  I am turning her into an American, it is great.  We are going to start just talking about America from language study so she can learn more about it.  :)  
         So update on T. keep praying for him.  I don't know if he will come back to church anytime soon because of the incident that happened.  It breaks my heart to see my recent converts struggling.  T is kind of struggling too and hasn't been to church for a few weeks.  I'm not as worried about him, because I know that he has a solid testimony.  But T I am really worried about.  He feels really judged by everyone at church and thinks that we are all really fake, like we can't be that nice.  It is so sad, and I just don't know what to do for him.  I guess the only thing we can really do is pray for him, he is such a good guy, and hopefully he will come back soon. 
           I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!  Happy Birthday mom, I sent you a card, it may not have gotten to you on time though...but it is coming!  I hope you have a fun day and go eat somewhere really good!  I seriously can't believe that this is the last week of the transfers...I am going to work extra hard this week though and leave everything I have here in Brighton in case I do get transferred.  
Love you so much!
Sister Robison xxx 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ahh Not Much Time

Hello family,
         So today has been a whirlwind!  We went up to the Deans to email, but their Internet isn't working, so we had to take the 45 minutes bus ride into town to the library to email. You only get one hour on the computer here, so it will probably be a short email.
This week has been really good.  I have a whole new motivation to do missionary work.  I don't know where it came from, but it is amazing.  Last Monday we had a zone conference call (they do those every other week), where the zone leaders give a spiritual thought and share miracles and stuff.  Well they committed us to extend a baptismal date EVERYDAY.  When I heard them say that I thought they were crazy!  There is no way I thought.  So in district meeting we role-played inviting people to be baptized on the street.  I honestly didn't have much faith we could do it.  But Friday sister G. and I just went out with a ton of energy and faith that we could do it.  And we did it!  It wasn't weird at all either.  That is really weird to think about extending a baptismal date within the first like 10 minutes of meeting them, but it is really powerful.  The guy didn’t accept it, but he said he would think about it and call us.  But what matters is that we put our trust in the Lord and he showed to us that it is really possible. 
         I went on exchanges this week with Sister Wood, who is serving in Eastbourn.  It was a really good exchange, she is our STL, and I learned a lot from her.  She was friends with my same group of friends at BYU-I, so that was fun to talk to her about everyone up there.  She is from Alpine Utah. 
         My recent convert had some drama this week.  Recent converts are stressful. He has been struggling a lot ever since his baptism.  He has only come to church twice since he got baptized I think.  But we still meet with him every week.  This week we met with him with a member who is friends with his family, and this member told us that T is having word of wisdom issues and that he was going to address it in our lesson.  So he did, and it was terrible.  T felt like he was being attacked the whole time and ended up walking out of the lesson. It was so bad and I was afraid we were never going to see him again.  He did come back and talk with us, but he is really struggling.  Keep him in your prayers.  We are trying so hard to know how to help him, but nothing seems to be working.
      Yesterday was interesting,  after church the Bishop invited us to go to an interfaith meeting with him and his wife and Lewis.  I had no clue what we were even doing there, but it was a really good eye opening experience.  There were a ton of different religions there and it definitely wasn't anything like Utah.  The speaker went off about the virgin mary and goddesses,  and how we should worship women.  It was really weird and the spirit definitely wasn't there.  I also had tea for the first time yesterday, don't worry it is the tea that is okay to drink :)  it was nasty, I don't know why people like it.
      That is weird that President King quoted my letter. (We had Stake conference yesterday and our Stake President read part of Heidi’s letter that she wrote a few weeks ago, when she was having a rough week.  Our stake is doing a stake wide program this year.  They have assigned a different person from the stake each day to fast and pray for the 93 missionaries serving from our ward and also for missionary experiences in our Stake.  It has been amazing to see the miracles that have come about because of this.  Heidi told us in her letter she definitely felt the love and prayers of the members of the stake that were fasting that week for her.)
          Sorry not much to say this week, I don't have much time.  But transfers are on March 25 I believe, so don't send any letters to my flat seeing as I may move before they get here.  I really hope I stay though. 
         Missions are hard, that is what I write in my journal every night, but they are so worth it.  I don’t know what changed in me this week, but I just want to be out talking to everyone.  This is such a special message that we have, it needs to be shared with everyone.  I am going to work super hard to give everyone I can a chance to come into the gospel.
         I love you all so much!  Keep praying for us that we can find people to teach.  I am afraid that if we don't find people soon that president will close down our area.  There are 3 sets of missionaries here, and none of us have anyone to teach right not.  Because of all the missionaries going home now and not a lot coming out, they have to close down a lot of areas, so I am trying hard to find people here just so he won't close it.  Only time will tell I guess, this is the Lords timing not mine.
         Love you all!  Have a fantastic week!  
Sister Robisonxx

Monday, March 2, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

     Well this week flew by!  I seriously am so amazed at how fast my mission is flying by.  I can't believe that I have been here 4 months already, it is crazy!  I am always talking about how weird time is here; I think sister G. might be sick of me talking about it so much ha-ha.  This week was better than last week for sure.  We were teaching a lot more than last week so it was good. 
     On Monday for p-day we went shopping, and I bought some really cute ankle boots, English style is so much different than American style.  I am slowly transitioning my wardrobe to fit in over here.  I keep looking at everything I have collected so far and just hope I don’t have to pack it up soon because I don't know how it s going to all fit.  
     Tuesday was a really good day.  It all started with a failed appointment.  We were supposed to see an investigator who has been taught everything but is just too busy to ever come to church.  He never told us a time we could meet up, so we ended up staying in our flat making area book calls and having lunch.  We walked out to the bus stop to go to the chapel and guess who was at the bus stop, the investigator we were planning on seeing.  So we talked to him for the 40-minute bus ride.  It was a pretty cool miracle.  We taught a few new investigators that day who we think are going to be really good potentials.  They both came from the area book, which is a miracle.  One of them will take a lot of work.  He felt a lot of pressure last time he was being taught, so we are trying to not make him feel like that, but hopefully still get him to the waters of baptism. The other guys story is actually pretty funny.  So Sister Stuart and I talked to a guy on the street a little while back and he had investigated before and was interested in meeting up again.  So I was going through the phonebook trying to find his number, and there was only one person with his name in the phone, so I called it (yes, I am slowly getting over my fear of calling people), and he said he wanted to meet up, so we set an appointment.  Now with people like that, we are never quite sure if they will show up or not.  So we were sitting at the chapel waiting for him to come, and this guy walks in. This was not the person we had met before.  I had never seen this guy before, but he still doesn’t know that we didn't know who he was and didn't mean to call him...ha-ha.  But he is really interested and took a B.o.M and came to church yesterday.  Miracles.  The Lord works in weird ways.  We talked to him last night and he still seems really interested in the gospel and what we are all about, which is really exciting! 
      Wednesday we had District Meeting.  Our district got split this week because they closed down one of the areas in our zone and had to change some stuff.  So the other set of Sisters got moved out of our district, so it was weird without them there.  I had to present at DM on how to use the B.O.M in finding.  I learned a lot from studying/preparing for it.  It went good.  The district that the sisters got moved into has district meeting at our chapel as well because it is a central location for them, so we all had a big district lunch after.  I made some snickerdoodles and ranch dressing, so everyone loved me.  I also met an Elder from Wellsville, so that was fun to talk to someone about the good old Cache Valley.  
     Thursday was spent contacting AUP's (the less actives we have to find) in the pouring rain.  So that was fun.  It has rained so much here this week.  It has been pretty miserable.  Everyday is just pouring down rain, but it is getting warmer which makes me really excited for summer!  We also went to dinner at a member of the bishoprics that night; DA's are always nice.  You guys should have the missionaries over for dinner :)  Speaking of that, you will have to let me know about the new Logan mission when it opens.  It will be interesting to see how that is.   
     Friday was contacting AUP's again.  That has taken up a lot of our time lately because we have about 40 we have to get done by next week.  We had dinner with the Deans and a recent convert, and a member named Simon.  Dinner was good, but our convert has been stressing me out lately.  He hasn’t come to church for 5 weeks and we don’t know why.  Being a missionary can be stressful...that night sister G and I had an intense heart to heart for like 2 hours.  We just talked about everything and I realized a lot of stuff I need to change.  I have not changed into the person I want to be/know I can be, so I am working hard on submitting my will to Heavenly Fathers and letting him change me.  Change is scary, but it will be good. 
     Saturday we saw a miracle.  Our bishop gave us a referral a few weeks ago for a lady whose daughter had recently joined the church in Arizona.  We had tried and tried to call her, but she never answered, and we tried her house but she wasn't home.  Saturday we received an online referral (where the person gets online and requests a visit) and it was her.  So we went out and tried again and her daughter answered the door.  She is so nice and really interested in the gospel.  Sadly she is going through a divorce right now so she doesn't have time to meet with us this week, but she is a really good potential!  We are really excited about her. 
     Well that is just about everything about my week.  I got your letters this week, thanks for those, I love hearing the postman slide letters through the door.  I always get up and run to the door in the middle of comp study to get them.   
     I have written in my journal everyday so far, be proud.  It is hard to remember to do sometimes, but I love reading back through it and remembering everything I have gone through already. 
I can't believe Taylor comes home today!  That is so crazy that his mission is already over.   
     Well I love you all so much and pray for you everyday.  Thanks for all the love and support you give to me.  Keep being the best family ever!  And keep teaching from PMG for FHE.  That is what we do when we go to members homes, we have started to read straight out of it with them, it teaches everything so simple and clearly.  
Love you!

Sister Robison xx 

I gave in this week and wore my ugly missionary shoes for the first time. 

They have baskin robbins here!!!  This made my whole day!