Monday, February 1, 2016

"Eternal Perspective Saves the Day"

They have a chocolate bar here called Heidi. I ate it and it was nice.
Now I'm going 40 days without sweets (except for DA's) cause I need to
be healthy. Hopefully I can get back in shape!

         And another Monday has sneaked up on me...time is slipping out of my finger tips. But such is life.
         This week was a great, average week of a missionary! We were able to celebrate small successes we have seen and able to laugh a lot. Here is what happened this week :)
         The majority of Monday and Tuesday were spent planning zone training. I seriously never understood how much time leaders put into helping the zone...but it's a lot. It takes a lot to pull together a 6-hour meeting! But it was good. Like I mentioned last week for zone training we wanted to recreate the MTC for the missionaries. I have been able to see in myself and other missionaries that the "fire in our bones" as President Gubler always calls it has died down a bit, we don't have the same enthusiasm we used to, so to solve it we thought we would take them back to when we were all happy and excited to start a new adventure serving the Lord. Us and the zone leaders did a really funny role play (or at least we thought it was funny...) walking through the life of a missionary from when they decide to go on a mission to their first day in the field. I'm getting really good at acting on my mission from all these role plays I have to do all the time haha. But then I had the opportunity to teach all the sisters about "revelation through church attendance" which was really good for me to study. I was able to learn a lot about the power of church (all 3 hours of church, not just sacrament meeting) in receiving answers to my prayer.
Then a fun part of the meeting was that we did what's called TRCs where I act as an investigator and the sisters each had to teach me.  It was fun to be on the other end and also to see how other sisters teach. Sister Moyes and I also did a presentation all about Jesus Christ. We sang hymns about him, and watched the video missionary work and the atonement. The spirit was there super strong and it was really good.
         One of my favourite parts of zone training though was at the very beginning. We were able to do "interview with Christ" as companionships, which is something president has talked a lot about. Basically you sit in a room with a picture of Christ across from you and just talk to him and have an "interview" with him. It was a very powerful experience for me and I was able to learn a lot about what I need to do better the rest of my mission.
         After zone training I FINALLY GOT TO GO ON EXCHANGE WITH SISTER O'GRADY!!! We were so happy! Haha. We did what's called a work over in the VC so we were able to work with each of the sisters for a few hours. Wednesday night I was with Sister O'grady and we knocked for 2 hours. I had so much fun with her. I'm still praying we get to serve together haha.  I also got to spend the night with her and Sister Rosenkilde, which was a lot of fun!
         Thursday we were with the other set of visitors centre sisters which was really fun. VC sisters have such a positive attitude and contagious spirit for the work.
         The work in Sutton is really hard and has been getting me down quite a bit lately. For the past 4.5 months I have been finding non stop, and we have had one new investigator from it, who ended up dropping us. It is really frustrating sometimes when you find for hours on end, finally find someone who will meet with us, but then they cancel or flog for some reason. It is honestly one of the biggest struggles for me as a missionary. This week we didn't teach a lot of lessons, which always gets me down. I know missionary work isn't about numbers, but I like teaching people. Well last night after accounting I was sitting pondering the eternal perspective of missionary work and what really matters. As I was thinking about this and about how my week went, I realised that 20 years down the line I won't be sitting thinking "man, that last week of January 2016 I didn't find one new investigator!"  But what will matter is that I can look back and say "that last week of January 2016 I gave it my all, and that is all the Lord asked me to do". This really hit me hard and helped me a lot.  Missions are hard, but I know as I remember him, lay aside all my sins, and not hang down my head with sorrow (2 Nephi 10: 20), that the
Lord will be pleased with me and the work I have performed. Just a note of how I've been feeling lately :)
         Some funny moments from the week:
         Saturday night I got asked to buy cider for some teenagers...haha.  Sister Moyes just like yelled "nope, no, nope!" at them. But I guess I look old enough to buy that's good :)  Haha but to contradict that...I got to play the piano in sacrament yesterday (I've basically become the ward pianist and I play all the time, I love it!) and one of the ward members came up to me and told me how she didn't recognize me sitting behind the piano, that she kept looking thinking "who is that 14-year old girl?"  I guess I haven't aged as much as I thought I had haha.
         But that's about all for this week. It wasn't a very eventful week, but I am excited for what my future holds! )
Love you!

Sister Robison xxx
With the wonderful visitors centre sisters! I still feel like I secretly belong there...but I decided it's cause when I'm old I'll serve a senior couple mission there :) 

A member named Nikki, who I met my second day in the field and haven't seen since. I was able to see her and have dinner with her when I was in the VC, it was fun to see her again and catch up with her. I love people in England :) 

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