Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"I'm Living the Dream"

Under a train track!

Good morning!
        Well, moves are today...and I am staying in Sutton with Sister Moyes for another transfer.  I thought I would get transferred to another zone to be STL, go back to Brighton, or go train somewhere. I guess I was just expecting a change...and when you expect a change and it doesn't happen then sometimes you have mixed feelings about it.  I have found the longer I am on my mission the bigger the trials are and sometimes the harder they are, but I trust in Heavenly Father and I know this is what he needs for us and our area right now.
         So every time we talk to the zone leaders, they always say "we're living the dream!" And this has been something that has been passed around the mission, all of us missionaries are living the dream, literally we are living heaven. So this week we have seen SO many miracles! It was the best week I have had in Sutton, as far as key indicators go, and we are just so happy with everything. I will share:)
          So I don't know if I ever told you about a girl we met before, but she is someone I met on the street with Sister Rosenkilde right before Christmas. We stopped her and her sister outside the cinema right before they were going to see Star Wars haha. But we gave her a Book of Mormon, said a prayer with her, and she was open to meeting but was way too busy with family over the holidays. Well this Friday we were finally able to meet her for the first time. We were able to get a member to come with us as well, which was my first member teach in Sutton. Before we even started teaching her she was telling us about how the Book of Mormon really resonated with her and she just felt something and she had to do something about this feeling. She knew she had to do something. She was very emotional as we were teaching, and we were only able to teach the first half of the restoration. We didn't even talk about Joseph Smith in the first lesson cause she was so talkative and just opened up to us so much. She committed to being baptised on March 5 and then when we invited her to church she said "well, it's Valentine's Day, and I'm single, so ya!" Haha. We called her Saturday night to make sure she was still coming and she had gone out and bought a whole new outfit to wear, then she came to church and fit right in! It was ward conference and everyone was asking us what ward she was from cause she looked like a member already! But she loved church so much and participated in every lesson too! She is just so great. But it gets better. We saw her again last night and finished teaching the restoration. We also taught her the word of wisdom, and SHE'S ALLERGIC TO CAFFEINE! TALK ABOUT PREPARED! She can't drink tea or coffee, she has heart problems so she doesn't drink or smoke, and she's a police officer so she doesn't do illegal drugs. Such a miracle! Then she also ended up asking us about how the church is funded, so we ended up teaching tithing as well and she just said "I'm going to have to start budgeting my money". She has no problem with it at all. We are so excited to be able to teach her and we really do believe she can be baptised in just a few weeks. She is so prepared and is just lovely. This is a very special opportunity for me, because she shared how she felt when Sister Rose and I stopped her and how grateful she is for us. She is already planning a trip to Utah to visit us haha. But I am very grateful for the opportunity to teach someone I talked to on the street. Please keep her in your prayers.
         Miracle number 2. We started teaching a members son named this week. He is 10 years old and we just recently found out that he hasn't been baptised! So we are teaching him and he is going to be baptized in March as well! I guess I am happy to be staying in Sutton cause we now have all these people to teach! It's great!
         We had Specialized Zone Training this week with president and the assistants, which was really good. This was the first zone training I have had in 4.5 months that I haven't had to plan, so I was able to just sit like a normal missionary and really learn from this meeting.  I learned a lot from it! President Gubler is so knowledgable! We studied the tree of life and I learned a lot about that and how it relates to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But something super cool that President explained to us after lunch was the meaning behind Jacob 5 and how it is a history of the world. He explained what everything means, and holy cow, that chapter is one of my favourite chapters in the whole Book of Mormon now! I studied it the other day and it was so much fun!  I'll explain it to you when I come home...we will do FHE on it :). We also had interviews with President after the meeting. This interview was very different for me and I didn't walk out of it as uplifted as I usually do. I really just left everything that day seeing all my weaknesses and seeing so much that I needed to change. President pointed a lot of those things out as well, so it was a bit rough for me.  But that's okay, Heavenly Father places people in our paths to be able to learn and grow, sometimes I need to be told just straight up that this is what I need to change...as unfun as that is. But over the next three months I have promised the Lord that I will fully consecrate myself and serve him till the very end, and I know we will see the fruits of our labours as I do so.      
      Other exciting news with transfers: Sister Bills is coming to the Crawley zone! She is going to be in the VC for a transfer. I'm excited to see her again and talk to her!  And the zone leaders have been transferred to our ward, which will help so much! There is so much to do here in the Epsom ward and we are excited to work closely with them to help this area.
         We have a mission tour this week with an area seventy, so I am looking forward to another zone conference. It's crazy to think that this could be my last zone conference on my mission! Time is still a really weird thing if you were wondering...But I will also be emailing on Tuesday next week cause we have a special MLC with the general authority coming on Monday, just as a heads up.
         Well that's about it fam! Please keep me in your prayers. Things are hard right now, but I have found peace and solace through prayer and the Book of Mormon. I love you so much and look forward to talking to you on English Mother's Day!

Sister Robisonxxx
Updating the area book!
Remember to read the Book of Mormon, great things are contained in the golden plates!
Sister Lulab, she is being trained in Brighton!

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