Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas


     Woohoo! Merry Christmas!!!! It finally feels a bit like Christmas which is really nice. As a missionary it never really feels like holidays, but after yesterday at church it feels like Christmas. I finally got the package mum, so you can stop worrying. Everyone in the office was asking me about it haha.
         Yesterday at church I was almost in tears.  We didn't have anyone to go to for Christmas, we were going to have to walk an hour to the chapel to Skype home, which is kind of depressing to think about. But yesterday all of a sudden all the members wanted to have us over and were all talking to us loads. You don't know how much this means to me, we now have 3 members we are going to Christmas Day (hallelujah). But then at the end of relief society they asked for us to come up and they just said thank you for all we do then came out with a huge bag of presents for us from the ward. I was so close to bursting into tears, I am so grateful for all the love I have from so many people around me. I don't know what I did to be so fortunate, but I am so grateful. I feel bad for how many presents we have under our tree, especially when there are so many missionaries who don't have anything. I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude.

     This week was crazy. Seriously everyday I feel so dead. I usually rely on grace at the end of the day to have enough energy to make it through, but literally all day everyday now I am pleading and praying for Heavenly Father to give me strength to make it through. I am exhausted, but hey I guess that means I'm working hard :)
     London was so fun on pday! We got there around 12:30 and just walked around the south bank. We did the London eye (pictures to come), walked through the Christmas markets, saw Shakespeare globe (I was actually super excited about that after reading so much Shakespeare in high school), and saw the tower bridge. It was fun, I love London.

Millennial bridge, it's in Harry Potter 6

One of my favorite picture from the eye!

The globe. Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? 

Missionary life on the eye. We taught the lady that sold is the tickets for the eye...missionary work all day everyday!

We also saw mr. Bean. He took a Book of Mormon!
We ran into Brad and Angelina in London...sadly they didn't accept our
invitation to be baptised :(

     Tuesday we were able to go to the temple!!!! I love the temple so much and couldn't believe it had been 6 months since I went last! I was able to receive a lot of revelation on what I need to do the last 5 months of my mission and I have set a lot of goals for myself. I was also able to learn deep doctrine from President Gubler in the celestial stuff. After the temple we had a nice Christmas lunch with President Gubler. We sang some Christmas carols and bore some testimonies.

      The next day I was on exchange with Sister Perez from Spain. It was fun. Exchanges are always fun. But the problem is I go on so many exchanges I can't remember what happens now haha. I also went on exchange in Brighton again this week, it's fun being back there. 
         I don't really know what more to say. I am sending another email to the fam for Christmas, so you can read my testimony in that. I'm looking forward to this week, it is a crazy busy week, but I'm excited for it!
         I love you all so much and pray for you daily. I am so grateful that you are my amazing family :)

Sister Robison xxx

Merry Christmas From England

Hello family and friends!

     I know I don't usually do group emails, but today I felt like I should send an email to you all saying thank you for everything you have all done for me and to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!
     Life over here in England is going really good. I have never loved the Lord more than I do right now, and I know it will only continue to increase over the rest of my mission. I have felt such a strong desire over the last few weeks to share this message with anyone and everyone no matter what time of day. I find so much joy in proclaiming the glad tidings of great joy (wow, I've turned into such a missionary...haha)
     But I want you all to know that I love my saviour Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful for his sacrifice for me. I still don't comprehend it even in the slightest bit, but what I do know is that He loves me and is there for me through everything. This month I have been studying 3 Nephi and I have come to realise even more greatly that I need to be like the saviour, he is beckoning all of us to "Be ye therefore perfect", and the only way we can do that is through the atonement and turning to the Lord in everything we do. I promise you He loves each of you and cares about every aspect of your every day life. He is my best friend and the one person in my life who will always be here, but I have to choose to accept Him.
As I was reading over Luke 2 the other day I couldn't help but think
how I would have felt that night my saviour was born. It says that "And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
     Do We still feel that same way? Do We still praise god the same way We would have that night, if not, what do We need to change?
     I hope you all have a joyful Christmas and leave room for the saviour in this busy season. He is the reason for everything, always remember that.
     I love you all so so much. You have all affected my life more than you can ever imagine. So thank you.

Merry Christmas!!!

Sister Robison

Merry Christmas from me and Big Ben :)

Monday, December 14, 2015

As for me and my companion, we will...go to London!!!

Hello again. It's me sister Robison :)

         Well, I'm going to London for pday today so I don't have much time to email today...but here are a few highlights of my week :)
         Monday for pday we watched the Christmas devotional in the chapel with some of the sisters while the elders were buying us pizza...mission life haha. But man, that Christmas devotonal was so good! I especially loved Elder Bednars talk, I recommend you all study it again :) then I went on exchange with Sister Manage from Sri Lanka (isn't that cool!?) that was fun. I have come to really love exchanges.
         Tuesday evening we were planning zone training (a meeting with our whole zone that us and the zone leaders are in charge of). We all had put a lot of prayer and thought into this meeting for what the zone needs and we decided we needed to talk about making the connections between finding, teaching, and baptising. How you go from one point to the next. So we did the finding part of it. And wow, I have come so far on my mission. I love finding and I finally feel like I know how to do it. That is always a good thing.
         Wednesday we had to wake up super early to catch a train at 6:50 to get to Crawley early for zone training to continue planning it with the ZL (we procrastinated planning it big time haha). But it all went really well. Our presentation was really good. You know missions change you. We had to give a 30 minute presentation, and we just prepared it the night before. We also had to prepare a 5-7 minute talk, we just did that on the train there haha. It's crazy how I'm just able to put things together that quickly now. Back home it would take me weeks to prepare those things! Haha. We also got a surprise visit from President at zone training, that's always fun. We ended up doing a Q&A session with him and he taught us some deep doctrine about temple sealings and what it takes to enter into the highest level of the celestial kingdom. I want to talk to Grandpa Smith about all of it now, I learned so much! I love deep doctrine.
         Then I went on another exchange with a sister from England. That was fun. This weekend was good. It was the primary program in the Epsom ward, there are about 20 primary kids here so it felt a bit like home. 
         Well I'm sorry I don't have time to write more...we decided on Saturday that we wanted to go to London today and the APs gave us permission. So I am going on the London eye today!  I love London!
         I got my package sorted. Turned out the zone leaders had the letter in their car for the past week that I needed. So I called this morning and paid for it, I will get it tomorrow. It was a £28 fee.  I will let you know next week when we will Skype...we have no transportation on Christmas so we aren't quite sure what we are going to do.
         But I love you all and am grateful for all the prayers you send my way! Merry Christmas!

Sister Robison