Monday, March 14, 2016

"How Can I Better Follow Him?"

Hi family!!!

         This week was many meetings once again...I don't know how I'm still alive. Well, I'm really not. All 4 of us leaders are just exhausted and we aren't really functioning right now, so please pray for us! Haha
         So this week we had MLC, which is always good. I am very grateful for this opportunity I have had to serve as a leader and learn how to follow promptings of the spirit. But the best part of MLC...a senior couple made cafe rio burritos for lunch!!!!!! I was in heaven...they had the dressing and all and oh my goodness, it was the best moment of my mission! wasn't the best moment of my mission, but you don't know how much I have missed that stuff. It was great!
         At MLC we counseled together about why we aren't baptising and the spirit came very strong to us and helped is realise we need to trust in the Lord and that he will fulfill his promises. As I have been reading the Book of Mormon asking the question "how can I better follow Him?", a common theme I have noticed for myself is that the way I can better follow him is simply through trusting him. Through trusting in his promises and trusting in his timing. Now, this isn't always easy, but I know that as we do everything we can to follow the Saviour and do our part, he will lead us to where we need to go in life.
         President talked to us about Mathew 14: 25. This is when Christ had just gotten done feeding the five thousand and he sends his disciples out on the boat, but he doesn't go with them right away. Christ leaves them to the ship to paddle and struggle a little bit, being tossed by the sea. Something we know is that Christ will never leave us, he will always come to us. But this chapter tells us that he comes to his disciples at the fourth watch, which is between 3-6 in the morning, so his disciples were out there struggling against a tossed sea for quite a few hours before he came. But he came. That is the important thing.
         In life, I have been able to see that we all go through ups and downs.  All of our "seas" are tossed every now and then, and sometimes we think that we will never get through it, but we need to hold fast to the promises that the Lord has given us, he WILL come, it just might not be right at the beginning of a struggle.  This is something I have seen illustrated in my own life.  But ya...MLC. We felt that the Lord is truly pleased with us and he wants us to just "hold on thy way", we need to just keep progressing and getting better and all will be well :) it was a great meeting! And I had to play the piano for like an hour there...which is nice as well!
         Then Wednesday we had DLC where we teach the district leaders what went down at MLC. We decided, since we have the temple in our zone, that we would do DLC at the visitors centre. So that was cool, I love just being on temple grounds, the spirit there is great. I was also able to talk to Sister Bills for a bit, which was good. Then the rest of that night was spent trying to plan zone training for next was a struggle and a very long day.
         So now we are to Thursday. Thursday we had yet another meeting. Yay!  We had district meeting down in Haywards Heath. I don't know if I told you, but I am in a big district now! There is 10 of us (us, the ZL, AP's, then a companionship of elders, and sisters). It makes such a big difference to be in a district with lots of missionaries...I especially love this district cause everyone is so focused on our purpose, but we are all good friends too so we are able to learn a lot from each other. After district meeting we did district finding in Haywards Heath. We have this banner, like a big double sided poster with pictures of Christ, that we set up on high street and use to find people. It is actually a lot of fun and we had so much energy just being out there with 8 other missionaries attacking high street! Haha it was great!
         Friday we went on an exchange with the Eastbourne sisters, I was with a sister named Sister Pattenden.
         So that basically sums up my week.  Sorry this email is so long! But hopefully you read it all haha. I can't wait to see you all in 2 months! 
         Love you all! Remember Christ this week and look at for great Easter stuff! When new Mormon messages come out it is like a new movie came out for missionaries, so this week was exciting with Hallelujah coming out! Go watch it and share it!


Sister Robison xxx

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