Monday, February 8, 2016

"I Love Skippy Peanut Butter"

February 8, 2016
“I Love Skippy Peanut Butter”

Hey fam!

         So a mighty change...of stomach...has happened to me. This week I had skippy peanut butter for the first time in 15 months and MAN I LOVE THAT STUFF! Seriously, change happens on missions. I used to hate any type of peanut butter. Miracles happen. Haha. A member went to Costco and bought us a big jar of Nutella and peanut butter. As well as one of the huge bags of krustee pancake mix. So we are happy. I love Costco, there is one right outside our area, so anytime members go they call us and ask what we want. It's lovely.
         But I'll talk about my week now, cause I'm sure you don't just want to hear about how much I love peanut butter and Costco.
         This week was MLC week and it was so good!  On Monday we deep cleaned our flat. I'll tell you right now, missionary flats are disgusting. Especially in England cause mold grows EVERYWHERE. So we spent a good few hours scrubbing every corner of our flat. And it feels nice and clean now. I can't wait to come home to a clean home. :). But that night we had to sleep out on the couch and pull a mattress out of our room cause it smelled like chemicals so bad in our room from all the cleaning...that wasn't very fun.
         Tuesday was MLC day which I always love. There are 8 of us from the Crawley zone who go (us, the ZL, VC sisters, and office elders), so we all go up in the mission van and it is so much fun! I will really miss the culture of mission life. I have met so many people who have become my best friends now, who I never would have known or been friends with if it weren't for my mission. We just had a really fun 2 hour drive to MLC.
         MLC was really good, it was a different one than others I had been to before. Usually it is the MLC trying to come to a conclusion of the next step for the mission, so it's like a big debate for 6 hours and people just get frustrated and I end up with a headache. But this time it was just sharing ideas for what we can do in our zones to have better studies and to better teach repentance and baptize converts.  At the beginning of MLC President always does a study council with us, which is usually my favorite part. This time we studied 2 Nephi 2 together, which was so good! I can't really explain all I learned, but he talked about the atonement and the two parts of the atonement grace and redemption. He also explained to us what it means to have a "broken heart and a contrite spirit". This is something I have always wondered, and the answer is great. To have a broken heart is to be exactly obedient to my master, to do whatever he asks regardless of my fears or shortcomings. It is to be consecrated. To have a contrite spirit is to be humble and teachable at all times. I love this doctrine, that is all the Lord requires of us. Do those things and everything else will naturally fall into place.  Isn't the gospel, great? Then we talked about the importance of study in our life, this is something I want you all to help me with when I come home, to keep my study habits up. It is one of the most important things I have learned on my mission.
         So MLC was just really good. I was able to talk to President for a bit and he always just makes me feel really good. Something he keeps telling me is that I need to stop selling myself short, cause often times I don't see my strengths or accept compliments when others tell me how great of a missionary I am. I don't see that at all, but that is something I am working on right now is accepting that.
         Tuesday night we had to unexpectedly stay with the VC sisters again. I swear I should just serve there cause I spend so much time there. But it was fun, it's always fun to have sleepovers :)  Then Wednesday we had DLC, which was basically the same as MLC. So it was good. That was in Crawley, then we had to take a train back to Sutton. So much travel time the week of MLC!
DLC in the Crawley Zone

         The rest of the week was quite busy. We went on another exchange with Sister Dollman and Sister Manage, two of my favourite sisters, they just make me laugh. Sister Manage and I were able to see some really cool miracles! The lady we were supposed to see flogged, so we prayed over the map for where we needed to be and ended up being able to contact 2 former investigators and teach one of them the restoration again. It was really cool, and felt really good to teach the restoration. It feels like months since I have taught a proper lesson!  We have just been finding 24/7.
         This week I had a lot of really spiritual experiences. I was able to receive a priesthood blessing on Thursday which I really needed.  Sometimes like I said I have a really hard time seeing my strengths and seeing that I have done good on my mission, and that is exactly what this blessing told me. After the blessing it hit me that I have made an impact on a lot of people's lives, far more than I will even know. I am so grateful each and everyday for my loving Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the love that he has for me and the ways I am able to feel it each day. I have come to know who I truly am on my mission, and the most joy I have ever felt is when I can see that I have partly overcome the natural man and I have let the spirit grow and shine through me. I'm just grateful.
        We also taught an awesome relief society lesson on the BoM yesterday.  I'll have to teach it to you when I get home :)
         But I love you all and am so grateful for you! I'm grateful that you live worthy to have the spirit with you and that you keep the commandments. Our family means the world to me.

Sister Robison xxx

Sometimes we take selfies on the way to church, don't judge!!! 

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