Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #... IDK

Hello family!

         Thank you for the longer emails this week. I am going to write you a super good email this week, cause I have my full 2 hours just to respond to you! (Everyone must have forgotten about me cause it's the end of my mission...haha)
But this week I feel like I have grown so much. I feel like I have changed and overcome a lot of things I have needed to, and it is nice.
         Monday was really hard for me for some reason, all day I just wasn't with it and I really felt like I just needed to call President, which is weird for me cause I have never had to call President for any personal matters, I just don't do that. But all day it kept coming to my mind that I needed to call him and get his advice. Well, turns out that that was the spirit cause that night he called me just to talk, and man, I needed that. I was on the phone with him for almost an hour Monday night and he helped me a lot.  He helped me to see  what the Lord expects of me. He expressed a lot to me that I am a fantastic missionary, and although I am struggling a lot right now, that doesn't mean that God doesn't love me, that doesn't change at all who I am.  Most of it was just confirming what I already knew I needed to do from the pray for charity and be more loving. But after that night, everything has gone a lot better for me. Something I have come to accept is that people are different, we have different personalities and different ways of going about things, but we are united in purpose. I compared it to the Brother of Jared, he knew that he needed light in the ships, but the Lord didn't say this is exactly what you need to do to get there, he let Jared use his personal talents and abilities, and the Lord helped him along the way. That is a big lesson I have learned over my mission. D&C 58 26 “For behold, it is not meet that I should command in all things; for he that is compelled in all things, the same is a slothful and not a wise servant.”
         But Tuesday we had our first exchange with the new way they work, and it was interesting. It doesn't feel like exchanges anymore and it is really weird to have all 4 of us in our flat for meals and at night, but it was fun. Definitely still a lot to work on and figure out, but it is fun.
         Wednesday we had the worldwide missionary broadcast which was so good!  Basically the brethren just want us to focus back on the basics of missionary work, work by the spirit, and be smart with how we work. They talked a lot about member work and how that is the smartest way to work and also about letting the Holy Ghost teach not us. We heard from Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, and Elder Anderson, along with other members of the 70 and leaders. Something that I took away from the broadcast is that I need to focus and speak of the Saviour more. This is HIS gospel, so I need to "always have HIS name on my lips." Something else I loved is that Elder Oaks said that the two most important things we can remember as missionaries is 1) who I am and 2) what I have been called to do. I love these two things, and they are things that I have been able to really gain a testimony of on my mission. Knowing who I am literally has changed my whole life. I understand things I never thought I could understand, and I have a firm trust and hope in the Saviour that I have never had before. One last thing I loved about the broadcast is something Elder Oaks
said...he said "MEN AND WOMEM CANNOT BE SAVED IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF GLORY WITHOUT FAITH, OBEDIENCE, REPENTANCE, BAPTISM, THE HOLY GHOST, TEMPLE ORDINANCES, AND ENDURE TO THE END. THIS IS WHAT I TEACH. NO OTHER CHURCH CAN DO THIS. NOTHING ELSE EXCEPT MY MESSAGE CAN DO THIS." This was just a good reminder for me of why I'm here and the importance of what I have been called to do. So it was a really good broadcast :)
         Thursday was just an average day in the life of a
missionary...finding...teaching...eating at members homes (I had lamb that night, our family really needs to branch out with the meat we eat...there is so much good meat out there!)...and planning. Something funny from that day is that we see foxes all the time here, and I actually know what a fox says now :) but it's not a pretty's one of the worst noises I have ever heard...but we chased
some foxes on our way home haha.
         Friday we had weekly planning in the morning, and then we went on another exchange with the Brighton sisters :). I was with Sister Lulab who is from the Philippines. It was fun being with her cause I may have told you before, but she is in the EXACT same situation I was in when I was being trained. She is being trained right now by Sister Bristain, but Sister Bristain goes home after this transfer, so she isn't sure what will happen.  So it was fun to be able to talk with her about my experience and what helped me. I love being on exchanges with missionaries being trained, that have such an amazing enthusiasm and dedication to the work that I am working on getting back.
         Saturday we had a ward party which was really fun.  They have the best ward parties :) it was a French themed party and we played lots of fun games. There was an awesome turn out too. We are working with a couple, she is a member but he isn't and they are planning to be married, so we are working on preparing him for baptism.   We are also working with another couple who also came to the ward party as well!  So we were pretty happy with the turn out.
         Then lastly, Sunday. Church was good. I had to play the piano for primary, so I really enjoyed that. I have lost a lot of my piano skills though cause I haven't been able to practice very much :( it makes me really sad. But I will just practice a ton when I get home, it's okay :)
         Something I learned this week was why English people eat with a fork and knife and Americans eat with just a fork. It's called royals vs. Rebels. It was basically a way to tell during the revolutionary war who was a Royal and who was rebelling against the royals. Pretty cool. Be prepared cause I'm a Royal now :)
         But that's about it for my week! We have also spent so much time this weekend trying to plan zone training for this week...after long hours of discussing it with the zone leaders, we are going to try to recreate the MTC for the missionaries to rekindle the joy they felt at the beginning of their mission. I'm really excited for it, but I'm just praying it will all work out. It's on Wednesday and we don't have a set plan at all.
         I love you all so much, I am grateful for the constant support you give me, and I am grateful for the prayers you send my way. I couldn't do this without your help!

Love you!

Sister Robison xxx

Who wants a wonton? This made us laugh so hard! Hahah the things you
see on trains here...

Pday from last week.  Our district and the zone leaders had pizza and played Uno at the chapel:)  It was fun!  The two elders at the end are my district, then the two in the middle are the zone leaders.  We are a fun group, I feel bad for the zone, their leaders are nuts!!

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