Monday, January 18, 2016

"A Week Full of Ups and Downs"

Hey hey hey fam bam,
         This week has been full of so many ups and downs. It has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission (I think I say that every week...).  But this week I went through some major struggles to say the least.  So it has been a stretching week for me.
         After being humble enough to ask my leaders for what I can do to change my problems, I decided a good companionship comes down to three things 1) loving each other, truly loving everything about that person, including their weaknesses 2) serving each other...I'm still trying to get used to this one, I get awkward when people serve me haha and 3) only seeing the good things about people, whenever you see something that bothers you, think of something you love about them.  These 3 things are NOT easy to accomplish...but as I have been sincerely praying for the Lord’s help in accomplishing these things, he has helped me. I have learned how I can change myself and show an increase of love.
         This week was MLC week so it was a busy week of meetings for us. On Tuesday morning we woke up at 4:30, got picked up by the ZL's at 6, drove to the temple to get in the mission van with some other leaders, then drove up to Staines (a 1.5 hour drive). MLC was SO good this time! Every time I go it gets better and better. There are a lot of changes happening in missionary work world wide that are really exciting. We have a worldwide missionary broadcast this Wednesday, which is the first time this has ever happened, every missionary serving right now will be watching it live (like general conference, but just for missionaries). We were able to watch some training videos straight from SLC and the missionary department that helped me to refocus myself a lot. We watched one by Dallin H. Oaks where he basically said missionaries all over the world are not doing what they need to be doing, we are here to simply teach repentance and baptize converts, we don't need to complicate it further than that. So I've been evaluating myself a lot on what I am focusing on. They are also changing exchanges, I will no longer be traveling all over the zone, all the sisters will come up to us for exchanges, so that will be an adjustment!  MLC was really spiritual though, it was long as usual, because councils take forever to come to a conclusion! Especially when it's a bunch of 20 year olds trying to figure out the Lords will haha. But we have decided as a mission to read the BoM by April conference asking 2 questions 1) what can I do to better follow Him? And 2) how can I better teach repentance and baptize converts?  I invite you all to do the same, set a goal to finish the BoM by April conference and ask yourself what you need to do to better follow Jesus Christ. It's amazing what you will find!  And I actually made really meaningful input at MLC that helped us get to our conclusion...I finally feel like a leader! It's great! And I am now the designated mission pianist. I play the piano at pretty much every meeting, President Gubler told me to tell you thank you for making me learn how to play the piano haha.  So after MLC ended, we didn't end up leaving Staines until 6. So we all jumped in the mission van. And next thing we know the GPS had broken and we had no clue where we were going. We almost ended up outside the mission...but we got turned around right before we would have been in Dover haha. But it took us like 3 hours to get back to the temple, so because of that we had to sleep over with the VC sisters that night. We didn't have anything to sleep over...but luckily we were with Sister Rosenkilde and O'grady so they let us borrow some stuff. It was a good memory haha.  It was nice cause to end the day I was able to just sit in front of the Christus.  It was a perfect end to a spiritual day, I am so lucky to serve somewhere with a visitors center!
         On Wednesday we had DLC in Crawley (yay meetings!) it was fun.  Basically the same as MLC, but shorter. Some of the elders that were comps with the district leaders went to get us pizza for lunch after the meeting...well next thing we know we all smell smoke really badly, well they had put a bunch of pizza boxes in the oven and turned the oven on....and the boxes had caught on fire! Haha it was hilarious. So we had to spend time cleaning that up.
         The rest of the week was full of doing LA work and knocking. It has been a hard week, but I have grown so much this week. 
         Oh and I was so happy yesterday morning. I WOKE UP TO SNOW!!! It actually snowed here and stuck for a few hours! Ahhh. I didn't realize how much I love the snow, but I was just beaming all day because of it!
         I love you all so much. I am grateful for the Lord for putting me in positions to stretch and grow. I have a lot of imperfections I need to change, and I think the Lord sees that I have a limited amount of time left and is trying to cleanse me from all my evil doings. I am getting there slowly though.
         Thanks for everything! (Tell people to email me...I only got 4 emails today...and 3 of them are from you guys :( that's kind of depressing...)

Love you!
Sister Robison xxx


Snow Selfie on our way to church!

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