Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"It's Out With the Old and In With the New"


         Well, sadly another companion has come and gone. I got a new comp today. Apparently I'm either a terrible missionary and my companions can't stand to be with me for more than one transfer...or I'm just that good at helping them learn all they need to learn in a short amount of time haha. I'm going to go with the last one...but it is sad to see this companionship come to an end. Sister Rosenkilde is going back to the visitors centre, and will actually be Sister O'gradys companion. That means she's still in the zone, and I am now STL over her again haha. Mission life is weird...
My new companion is Sister Moyes, and we were actually in the MTC together.  I know I've said it before, but I really love being STL, I am learning so much and I feel like my relationship with all the missionaries and President Gubler has gotten so much better. I just feel like I've changed so much and I love it!
         So this week was crazy, I can't really remember once again what happened...but I know it was good. We went on two exchanges and on one exchange we saw huge miracles! So I was with Sister Dollman, who I had gone on exchange with before, but in her old area. This time we stayed in Haywards Heath and we literally went finding the whole exchange, and to be honest, sometimes I really dread those exchanges. But we talked and decided what we wanted to focus on was diligence and turning to the Lord in everything. So we go out and have about 3 hours of door knocking before a DA, and about an hour in it starts pouring down rain. I ended up just busting up laughing cause it was raining so hard and it was so windy and cold, I could either laugh or cry, so I decided to laugh. But we knock this street and no one wants to listen, until we knock one door and this man was just like come in, get out of the rain! (Keep in mind this is New Year's Eve, so no one is home). But he let us in and was really nice to us. Then the next morning we felt like we needed to knock a street, and this is New Year's Day so everyone is hung over and sleeping, but we go and knock at 10:30 in the morning anyways. We get to the street and pray to know where we need to start, I feel we need to start at the house to the left of us, and Sister Dollman felt a specific number, so we go to that number first. We knock and a man who is actually a less active member answered. He moved here from the Philippines 11 years ago and hasn't had any contact with the church since!  We were both standing there just shocked, it was so cool!  After we get his info we move onto the house I felt we needed to knock, and another less active member answers! He is the son of a member in that ward who the sisters have been trying to contact for awhile. It was so cool to see the spirit lead us, and we know we saw these miracles because we were diligent the night before. It's funny how everything links together. I have learned a lot recently that missions are exhausting, the level of commitment you have to keep up all the time can be so draining, but if you slack off at all in just one aspect of the work, everything else goes down as well. I'm exhausted.
         Update on our investigator...she dropped us :( she said she had time to think over Christmas break and she doesn't want to meet anymore. It was really sad, but we know that no effort is wasted and that one day she will be baptised.
         Something that has stood out to me a lot lately (maybe because I'm a missionary and notice these things) is how much the church is being attacked from every corner, it feels like in the last year everything has escalated so much. So many members are being faced with anti material everyday in Facebook, and it seems like everyone is criticizing Joseph Smith on every little thing now. As I had been thinking about the last 4 months of my mission and what I could learn to help me for the rest of my life, I have decided that the one thing I need to do is strengthen my testimony in the restoration and in Joseph Smith. To do this I have started reading the Book of Mormon looking for points of the restoration and truths which we have because of Joseph Smith and it is so cool! I have loved this read so far!
        It is scary to me to think it is 2016. This is a year of unknown to me. I have up until May planned out, but after that I have no clue. As I have been thinking about New Years resolutions, the Mormon message "look not behind thee" keeps playing through my mind. It tells the story of Lots wife and how we can't look back, but have to keep an eternal perspective and press forward with faith in Christ. This is the biggest thing for me the last 3 transfers of my mission I feel. It does no good to sit and think about how fast time has gone, and it does no good to sit and want my mission to be over. I need to live in the now with an eternal perspective. I am so excited for this new transfer and once again am overwhelmed with the love and trust which Heavenly Father gives me. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all the prayers, trust me, I need them. I need strength to keep going, cause missions are exhausting. But I have studied grace and know I can do all things through 
Him :)
          This week I did service for a lady and we were taking her Christmas decorations down. Well, it ended up in us shoving her Christmas tree out of a tiny window. It was funny, she was really impressed we were able to do it. And I got told to get a real job by a guy we talked to on the street...that made me laugh.
         All in all, I am doing good and can't believe how fast time is flying! Ahhhh

Love you!

Sister Robison :)

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