Monday, October 5, 2015

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion #ldsconf

Hello family!

         Wow we are so blessed to have modern day apostles and prophets. Wasn't this weekend amazing? This may have been my favourite conference. General conference as a missionary is one of the best things ever. Especially when an apostle talks about the zone you are serving in! I watched conference in Bristol and literally drove by the Bristol harbour an hour before he gave that talk. I felt pretty cool and all the missionaries in my zone watching it there had a slight freak out moment. I am seriously so blessed to be in England. Elder Cook served in the Bristol zone and Elder Holland served in my first zone. Cool.
         I was able to watch almost all of conference which was a huge miracle.  The Stake Presidency was really pushing for everyone to be up in Bristol to watch it. So Saturday night we watched the first session and then all Sunday we were up in Bristol watching it. My favourite talk was Russell M Nelsons and then I believe his name was Larry Lawrence. I gained so much from conference and had so many prayers answered. It was the best. And the restoration is amazing. As the new Apostles were speaking I just felt and knew they were called of God, I'm excited to hear more from them :)
         As you know Thursday we had zone training and Presidents interviews. It was good. I love President Gubler so much, he has helped me so much in just the short time he has been here. We talked for about 15 minutes and he just confirmed that I have done a good job training Sister Bills.  I just always feel like a good missionary when I have interviews. He said some very special things to me that made me feel very loved by him and even more from the Lord. 
         Something else really cool about zone training was that it was all the same theme that conference was...the Lord is guiding this church. We talked a lot about the questions What lack I yet and how we can improve, then in conference a major theme to me was how to be a better disciple and Elder Lawrence even gave a talk about What lack I yet. This is the true church. President also taught us a new way to find called sifting which is super cool! It was really scary to try at first because the approach he wants us to take is to just stop someone, introduce ourselves and say like one point of the restoration, then commit them to read the BOM and be baptized...on the Street! That is super bold if you don't understand. But Sister Bills and I went out and tried it and we gave out 5 BOM in 1 hour :) it is really successful and all about finding those who are ready and prepared and willing to act. He doesn't want us to focus so much on those we have to force into reading the BOM. We are excited to see the miracles from it.
         Update on our investigator, he isn't going to be getting baptized this Friday which breaks my heart.   Last night as we talked to him on the phone Sister Bills and I felt it confirmed to us that we have done what we can, we have done our part as missionaries and the Lord is pleased with us, now it's just up to him. Dropping people is one of the hardest things to do as missionaries.
         Other than that I can't think of too much that happened this week. Monday in Bath was amazing as usual. That is my favourite city in England that I've been too so far, maybe even more than London. It is so pretty and clean and just classy. We have to spend a day or two there when we come back! I am anxious to see what happens at transfers.  I love Taunton and the people here.
         I love you all. Mum and Dad I especially want you to know how much I love and appreciate your support and council to me. As I was watching conference I was reminded time and time again of how lucky I am to have you as my parents. You really are the best!
         Have a good week!


Sister Robison xxx

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