Monday, September 28, 2015

Love the Essence of the Gospel

Hey family!
         I cannot believe how fast the past few months have gone...I am almost done training...what? It's true what they say, the last half of your mission goes SO fast! This week I have been amazed by Sister Bills and how far she has come. Training is a really cool experience cause you kind of get to see how you do missionary work because the person you train learns to do missionary work just like as we sit and teach sometimes I am just amazed at how good and bold of a teacher Sister Bills is, and then I realize, I must be like that too, and it makes me realize I am a decent missionary. But really, all of a sudden this week she just bloomed and it doesn't even feel like I'm training anymore. I find myself kind of sitting back and just letting her take the lead when we teach now, responding to those hard questions and just following the spirit.  I don't know what will happen come transfers, but I have a hunch I will be leaving. Which is really sad. I have come to love Taunton.  It has been here that I have truly learned what it means to serve the Lord and be a missionary. I have grown so much here! I think I aged about 20 years too...cause when people meet me they think I am like 26...what? I'm 20, please don't say I look 26!!!!
         Sister Bills had a super bad cold this week so sadly Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had to stay in the flat most of the day.  But it is nice staying in sometimes. I read the book Our Search for Happiness over those days. Yes I actually read a book, I know you should be shocked. We watched the Joseph Smith movie, I love that movie and love Joseph Smith so much. I also read in the bible a bit, I am half way through John now. I really love the bible. 
         Thursday we had Zone Training up in Bristol so that whole day we were gone again. And guess who had to give a presentation  We had to present on using the Book of Mormon in finding, which was a pretty big rebuke to us cause we definitely don't use it enough. So we are going to do better at that. The meeting was really good though, it was all focused on the Book of Mormon, PMG, and why we are here. I learned a lot and just like every other missionary meeting I was able to refocus myself on my purpose. We have another zone training this week with President and the Assistants which should be good.
         One thing I have really learned is that Love is the essence of the gospel. This was talked about a lot at zone training and has been a huge focus in our mission. I am here because I love the Lord. It is as simple as that. I love Christ and I love this gospel so I am sharing that love with others.  Last night we were out doing visits, one person we visit we just go and sing him songs, that tells you how much my mission has changed me, I voluntarily go and sing to this guy for 20 minutes. But we were singing the song I Lived in Heaven and one line from the second verse stood out to me. It says "Father said he needed someone who had enough love". This stood out to me because as we know, Christ is our perfect example and we need to strive to be like him, we need to love like Christ loved and have that much love. I do not have enough love, so that is something I am really working on right now. If you want a good talk to read, read The First Great Commandment by Elder Holland. This talk talks about this and what we need to do with our love for God. It isn't enough just to say we love him, but we need to show him we love him by serving him.
         That was my preach for the week. Hope you enjoyed it :)
         This week we have also seen lots of miracles. one of our investigators was able to come to church this week! This was a huge miracle because she has never come to church before. She met with elders a year ago and that is actually why she stopped meeting with them cause she didn't want to come to church, so that was a huge miracle. And she really enjoyed church as well.  
         We are seeing so many miracles here that I can't even list them all. It stresses me out to try to type them all. But I know this is truly the Lords work and that as we are exactly obedient he blesses us. 
         In other news the investigator who was supposed to be baptized when I was with Sister Dimond is set to be baptized next week. We have been working super hard with him and he just has to do it. He has come to church every week since May and he even went up to Oxford by himself to a YSA convention last weekend. He loves the church, he just needs to be baptized.
         That is about it for this week, sorry I didn't share any more miracles, there are loads, but it would take too much time to type, and we are going to Bath today so I only have one hour to email. I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week!

Sister Robison xxx

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