Monday, May 4, 2015

My First Transfer!!

     Well hello again family, it seems like I just talked to you...oh wait I did!  It was great to see you yesterday, a bit weird for me because I realized how much I have changed and grown out here.  All my past companions said how much they hated skyping because their family hadn't changed but they had, and I never understood it because last time I skyped I hadn't changed too much, but this time I realized I have.  Sorry if I was really preachy, but I felt like I needed to share with you guys what I have learned out here.  As you can tell, I have learned a lot and grown a lot.  I am so happy with the person I am becoming and all the love Heavenly Father shows me everyday. 
         So we got back to our flat last night and started packing during our dinner time, I am never going to fit BTW.  But we were daily planning and saw we had a missed call from the English Elders and they left a voicemail saying "Moves Call".  So we quickly finished planning and called them.  Elder Green answered and the first thing he said is there have been rumors flying...I immediately knew that I wasn't going to Bath.  Something about me going there didn't feel right.  I would love to serve there, but it just didn't feel right.  Turns out I am going to Taunton, which is in the Bristol Zone still, just south of Bath.  My companion is going to be Sister Dimond, who got trained in Brighton right before me.  I am so excited.   It will be so fun to have someone to talk about Brighton with, Taunton is only her second area, so she will be able to help me get over my homesickness for Brighton.  She has been out a little longer than a year, and is from Minnesota.  I am really excited.    
         As you know, yesterday was the hardest day of my life I think.  I bawled all through Sacrament meeting, and multiple ward members were crying as well, 3 missionaries are leaving the ward this week, so it is hard on them.   Elder Williams (who has been here 9 months), and Elder Green and I.  So all the missionaries the ward members really know are leaving, it will be a big change for the ward, but the missionaries left here are fantastic and I know they are in good hands.  
         After Relief Society, a recent convert, who is only 2 days younger than me and my BFF, came and sat by me and just cried.  It was so sad.  She kept saying how she wants me to teach her and doesn’t want me to leave.  We just sat and cried for the longest time, she is one of the hardest goodbyes.
         This week was good, but really hard.  I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had in Brighton.  I have no doubt I will be back sometime soon.  I am actually hoping I can see them all this transfer.  A recent convert I may have told you about, is actually Sister Dimonds convert and he is going through the temple soon and she has permission to go, so if it is this transfer I will be able to go with her and see everyone from Brighton.  That will be so fun and I am really hoping it all works out. 
         I am scared to move, I have heard Taunton is a lot different than Brighton.  Elder Green was trained there so he has been telling me about it all morning (we are at the Deans having breakfast and having a goodbye party).  He said they walk a lot there, which means all my Brighton weight will be lost!  Woohoo! haha
         Thank you for all your prayers, I definitely need them.  As you could tell yesterday, missions are the best.  They are hard and I have been stretched and pulled a lot, but they are so fun.  I am really looking forward to what the next 6 weeks have in store...that’s if I can fit all my stuff in my suitcase  I think I am leaving one of my coats here, my black pea coat....sadly.  
         I love you all!  It was great to talk to you yesterday.  Glad you had a good Sunday and Jack had a good birthday.  Have fun in Norway mom and dad, be sure to send me pictures, I love pictures!  Tell everyone coming home this week I say hi!  If you see Nate tell him hi for me!

Love you, 

Sister Robison xxx 

The Pavillion

One of the recent converts who I love!!

The Kruger Family...aka my family out here.  I Love Them!

Sister Schmidt, Sister O'Grady and I.  We all came to England at the same time!  This was at our Ipad training last week.

At the Temple with Michael (standing next to me).  He is an amazing man who we met on the street.  He was a member but inactive.  Now he is the most active member of the ward. 

Missionaries with Patty a member of our Ward

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