Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm Alive...But I'm Dead!!!

     I survived this's a miracle!  I am really happy in my new area though.  I will tell you more about it in a minute.  But first let me tell you about leaving was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  Saying goodbye to everyone Monday and Tuesday was so hard and I cried a lot.  I had my last teach with T, which I was crying for an hour leading up to it just cause I didn't know what to say...but I just bore my testimony to him and told him to bear his testimony.  I really hope he will continue to learn and progress in the gospel.  It is so hard leaving these people behind who I have invested so much time and energy into.  But I know he is in good hands.  Saying goodbye to T was so hard as well.  He didn't come to our study class Tuesday night to say goodbye, so I had to do it over the phone.  I was crying so hard, he just kept saying don't cry, but that didn't help at all.  Man I miss all of them, I love Brighton so much and I still pray for success in missionary work there. 

Saying Goodbye to Sister G

My new companion Sister D

         That being said, it is weird cause I have kind of forgotten I was even in Brighton a week ago.  It is weird how quickly I have adjusted to my new area and focused on the work here.  Wednesday was transfer day which was the longest day of my life.  We went up to transfer meeting at 9 AM, drove for 1.5 hours, stayed there for like 5 hours cause we had to wait for new missionaries, then had a 4 hour drive to Taunton.  I am way out in the middle of nowhere.  But it is great here.  The flat is nice and big and the ward is so great.  Sister Dimond is the best.  We are best friends is going to be such a good transfer.  I don't think I have walked as much as I have this week in my whole life.  There were originally 2 areas in my ward, the Taunton area (which is where I am) and Bridgwater.  But they just closed down Bridgwater so we have to take it over.  All together, our area is half of the stake boundaries.  It is crazy.  We keep praying we can get a car, but I don't think that will happen.  And there aren't really buses here so we walk everywhere!  It is so tiring, but I am losing all of the weight I gained in Brighton so I guess that is a plus.  Sister Dimond is a super hard worker, I don't think I have ever worked this hard in my whole life.  We are always running somewhere or talking to someone.  I would say she is one of the hardest workers in the whole mission.  I am loving it.  I am so exhausted, but she is teaching me a lot.  I really hope we can be companions for more than just one transfer....
         So Taunton is great.  Lots of work going on here and lots of potentials to teach.  There are families here too which is so nice!  We spent the day yesterday at the Bishops house, and he is awesome.  The difference here from Brighton is amazing.  I love Brighton, but I have a feeling I will love it just as much here.  Sister Dimond served in Brighton too, so we talk about the people there all the time haha, but she liked Taunton better than Brighton.  
         The first teach we had together we were meeting someone for the first time, and he is solid.  He was a referral from some other Sisters and we taught him the restoration.  We extended a Baptismal Date and he accepted it!  We are seriously seeing so many miracles here, it is amazing!  Sister D is really good at following the promptings of the spirit as well which is really good for me to learn from. 
     All in all I am doing really good.  I am tired and still adjusting to Taunton.  
         Well, sorry I don't really know what to say....we are seeing lots of miracles here and have so many hilarious stories already.  
We went to see a potential investigator the other day but we didn't have anyone else with us so we couldn't go in his home.  This man was from Italy and couldn't really understand our english...we tried explaining to him we had to sit outside, but he just didn't understand.  He kept saying 'I no Gansta' it was hilarious, we were dying.  Then he kept asking us if we had boyfriends and asked sister D to go run away with him hahaha it was hilarious.  Man I love life right now. 
         Well I love you all so much!  I hope you have a fantastic time in Norway mom and Dad.  I am really jealous, but not really cause I love my life out here.  Oh and we get our ipads tuesday.  Which is scary but exciting! 
Love you!
Sister Robison xxx 

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