Monday, May 18, 2015

When Miracles happen, Opposition Increases

     This week was really interesting.  I still love Sister Dimond so much.  We get along so well and she is really teaching me how to work hard.  I thought I worked hard, but I have come to realize that I really didn't.  We are teaching at least 20 lessons a week, which is low for her, I had been teaching 12 lessons a week on average in Brighton.  And we have to walk I am literally so exhausted every single day.  But I haven't died yet....We asked president if we could have bikes this morning...but he said no to that.  He said he wishes he could give us a car, but there just isn't enough in the mission.  It is hard, but we will get through.  
         As you know, this week we got the ipads, and wow they are such a good tool!  We have seen so many miracles from them and I have really learned how to use them to study.  The Gospel Library app is amazing, if you don't know how to use it, start using it now cause it is the best.  We have downloaded almost all the mormon messages, I have all the general conferences (from like the 1970's even) and just a whole bunch of stuff.  We have used the mormon messages a lot in our teaches and they help the spirit to be there so much.  
         We are teaching a young man, who I may have told you about last week.  He is in his 20's and is getting baptized in June.  He is so cool and is one of our best friends now.  The day we got our ipads we showed him the video “The Hope of Gods Light”, and he loved it.  He has downloaded the gospel library app and has watched that video a few times by himself at home
         We have 3 baptismal dates right now, all for this transfer, which is so exciting.  I really have such high faith that they will all be baptized as well.  One of them has been investigating for like 6 months now but never got an answer that he was supposed to be baptized.  So being the sneaky sisters we are, we had a teach with him this week where we told him we just wanted to ask him some questions, the baptismal interview questions, but he didn't know that that is what they were.  We asked him all of them and he basically said he believes everything and has a testimony of everything, he just didn't realize it.  So we told him that was the baptismal interview questions and he committed to being baptized on May 31st  which is so exciting!  We are taking a whole bunch of investigators/recent converts/less actives up to the temple next week, so that will be really good for him. 
         It seems that we are working so hard and seeing so many miracles, so of course the adversary is working extra hard to get us down.  We have had so many problems this week it isn't even funny.  To start with, our washer is broken, so we have had to hand wash our clothes.  This may be TMI, but one night we forgot to wash for the next day, so we woke up and had to wash them in the morning and wear wet clothes all day...and it was Zone Conference that we were miserably cold all day...that was great.  We are having someone come fix it today though, so hopefully we will be able to start washing our clothes again.  
         Then yesterday we had both showered and were getting ready to dry our hair, and none of our outlets would work and we could not find a breaker we had to go to stake conference with our hair wet, and you know what my hair looks like wet...terrible.  So we got home last night, and I went to the fridge to get food, to realize that none of the outlets were working, so the fridge and freezer had been off all day, so we have like no food.  And one of our super solid investigators who is basically a member, just has to be baptized, dropped us yesterday cause she is doubting everything.  So we are going by tonight to "un-drop" us as Sister Dimond would say haha. 
         And the cherry on top, get ready cause this is a crazy story.  Yesterday was Stake Conference so we were up in Bristol for church.  The Elders in our district have a car so they drove us up, so we got back to the chapel and ate lunch and stuff then had a teach at 3:30.  We were supposed to teach someone else at 5, so we would have had to leave the chapel at 4:30 to make it there, but we got distracted and got doing other things and didn't leave the chapel till 5, so we were going to be late.  But as we were walking we passed a lady and she asked if we were church people.  We said yes and got talking to her and she told us that she was going to commit suicide and that the police were looking for her.  We didn't feel like we could leave, so we sat down and started teaching her and talking to her.  We showed her The Hope of Gods Light mormon message (hallelujah for Ipads) and talked about God with her.  Next thing we know she got a phone call and it was the police asking her where she was, but she wasn't going to tell them cause she didn't want them to find her, and they asked to speak to us.  So Sister Dimond was on the phone with them and we had no clue what to do.  We didn't want to be liable if she left and killed herself, but we didn't want to make her mad by telling them where she was, so I called the Elders while she was talking to them and asked them what we needed to do...they said to try and help to her realize why the police wanted to find her, so they could help her, and to try to sneakily tell the police where she was.  This lady said she was going to leave, so we asked her what she was going to do and if she felt like she was going to hurt herself, and she said I quickly pulled out the phone and had to text the Elders to call the police and tell them where we was so intense.  So they did that and we just had to sit and stall, we were literally teaching every point of doctrine we could think of.  We ended up thinking that we should show another mormon message to her, so we showed her the one on Suicide Prevention.  Now this is a miracle that I had that one downloaded, cause the other day while I was downloading all of them I looked at that one and thought I didn't need to download it, that I would never use it in a lesson, but for some reason I downloaded it.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  We end up watching it with her and talking about how much we love her and care about her, but then she sees a police car pull up and rides off on her bike.  We don't know if the police ended up finding her or not, but we keep praying for her that she is okay.  As we were sitting there talking to her I just kept feeling Gods love for her so strongly, I am a Child of God kept on playing through my head.  God truly does love all of us, and that should give us so much hope in this life.  Everything about that situation was a miracle.  Heavenly Father puts us in people’s paths for so many reasons.  We talked to president about this situation this morning, cause he needed to know that we called the police, and he said something about how we can't save everyone, but we can help everyone.  I would have felt so bad if we would have just kept walking thinking that we needed to go to our appointment...imagine having to face that at Judgement day, I would feel terrible.  It was a very shaking experience, but I learned so much from it. Everyone’s lives are so precious, and I hope one day she will realize why we did what we did.  
         Those are just a few of the things that have happened this week...seriously Satan is trying as hard as he can to get us down, but it isn’t gonna work.  When we feel like the adversary is trying so hard and we want to get down on ourselves is when we go out and forget about us and serve the Lord.  When you forget yourself everything seems to fall into place.
         Well family, I love you all so much.  Taunton is great, I love it here and I love being a missionary.  Yesterday as we were at stake conference we were singing the Spirit of God and I was thinking of the Kirtland temple dedication...who would have known when Joseph Smith prayed in the grove of trees that there would be so many people affected by it.  I have been so overwhelmed with Gods love lately, it is amazing.  
I love Christ, I love his Gospel, and I love being his missionary :)

Sister Robison xxx   

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