Monday, August 31, 2015

A Week of Trying To Put Broken Pieces Back Together

Howdy y'all!
         How you doing? Sorry I am so late emailing this week. Today isn't pday and it is a holiday here so we have been out working, but now I have email time :) so I'm alive and well...
         This week is transfers again...I am half way done training...that is weird. This was probably the fastest transfer of my whole mission and I have probably grown the most as well. So this transfer despite all the really really hard times, I am grateful for it. And Sister Bills and I are staying together, no changes for me. There are 32 missionaries coming into the mission though, so there are lots of other changes and it seems like every missionary is training now!
         This week was another really hard week for me. Dads email came just when I needed it as well, I looked at my iPad Thursday night and saw I had emails and read it and it was exactly what I needed, you are in tune with the spirit Dad and never worry about being preachy, I am a missionary, I live and breath for spiritual stuff.  
         This week was so hard for a few reasons:
 There is a recent convert who was baptized in December and he is a nice older man.  He usually feeds us every time we go there, but this time he wasn't. So we go to his house and he comes out and tries to give us £20 for lunch, myself trying to be the exactly obedient missionary I need to be, kindly refuses it cause we aren't allowed to take money from people, and we try to explain this to him. Well next thing we know he pulls a lighter out of his pocket and starts to set it on fire cause we won't take it, so we try to grab it from him to take it but he won't give it to us, then he ends up ripping it up and throwing it away. We just stood there so confused about what had just happened. We thought all was well, but that night we got a text from him saying he isn't coming back to church because we wouldn't take his we have been talking to our bishop lots about it and now know that if he offers us money we need to take it. So that really took a toll on me thinking that because of me this man wasn't going to come back to church. Exact obedience sometimes doesn't bring blessings I guess...
         Then also another recent convert texted us that same day saying he was getting baptized into the Catholic Church again and didn't want to meet up with us that took a toll on me as well. It seems like literally every recent convert are going less active, and like I said last week, I can't help but think it is my fault.
         So there you go, this week was full of trying to put broken pieces back together. It was really hard on me and there was one day where I mentally and physically just didn't know how I was going to make it through the day cause these things were just weighing on my mind so much. But I made it through and I know it was because Christ was carrying me. That is one thing I love, I can always count on.  Jesus Christ is always there through the hardest times and I am never alone in this no matter how hard it gets.
         We visited a member today and she said something to us as we were walking out the door, she said "remember the story of the man who was asked by the Lord to push the rock, he got frustrated cause the rock wasn't moving, and the Lords response was that he didn't ask him to move the rock, just to push it" this put things into perspective for me cause as you know I am very hard on myself and don't ever feel like I have done enough. But she reminded us that the Lord has asked us to serve, and that is what we are doing. So we are doing enough.
         So in other news...Sister Bills told one of our investigators she liked her pants, pants are not pants here, pants are underwear, so the investigators face was priceless. I promise I am trying to teach her how to be English, but sometimes she just doesn't listen haha. We also have an obsession with McDonalds...we ate there 2 or 3 times this week, so if you notice I'm getting fatter, that's why. We just both love diet coke so much, and that is the best place to get it, so we get food while we are at it :)
         Oh and I almost forgot the best part of the week! So Thursday, the day I just didn't think I could do missionary work and make it through, we got a call from the Bishops wife asking if we wanted to do service that day, and of course we said yes. I love doing service, it mixes things up. So she picked us up in Taunton and we went out to her house and they live out in the countryside. Literally in the middle of nowhere, I love going to their home cause it is so peaceful and quite.  But Sister Tutton took us to her home and guess what the service she had us do was? Cut wood! I felt like I was back home at the cabin! It was honestly heaven for me for those 2 hours. We had to move their piles of wood then the ones we could break (like little sticks to start the fire) we would break and stack for them. It was so fun and I honestly loved every minute of it! God truly does bless us and help us on those hard days.  That was a huge answer to my prayer and really helped me through.

         So there you go, another glorious transfer has come and gone in Taunton England. I can't believe I have been here for 4.5 months. I am excited to see what this next transfer has in store. Sister Bills and I set the goal to baptize 4 people this transfer. Yes it is a high goal, but we have a lot of people that we are starting to work with who we just need to get progressing. I will tell you about some of them next week probably (one of them is a girl who is the daughter of a LA couple who is starting to come back to church, Huge Miracle!). Every transfer I learn so much about myself, and this transfer the thing I learned most was how to rely on the atonement.
         I love you all so much and am so grateful for the love and support you give me. I could not do this without all your prayers, so thank you, and continue to send them my way. Oh and send some letters while your at it :)
Love you!

Sister Robison xxx

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