Monday, August 17, 2015

I Love Taunton

         Hello again...for like the 30th week in a row haha. Do you still love Mondays? This week the only thing I have to say is I love Taunton. Family, this is a big deal that I am saying this. I never thought I would ever hear myself say that I love Taunton, but it's true, I do. This week I have come to realise how much I especially love the people here. But honestly, the ward members here are feeling like my family and I feel like I am needed here. It is about time I feel this way! There is no better feeling then knowing you are needed somewhere and you are making a difference in the ward. I have realised that serving a mission would be pointless if you didn't absolutely love the areas you serve in and love the time there. Honestly, I think it has just taken me 4 months to get over leaving Brighton...yes I still miss Brighton and will probably always miss it, but I have come to love it here. I have come to realise that I will miss life in Taunton one day so I need to soak up every minute I have here. So happy day, I am happy in "sunny Somerset" as a member calls Taunton. I am praying I stay here until Christmas cause I would LOVE to spend the holidays with the members here :)
         This week Sister Bills and I saw lots of little miracles which really helped us. Miracle stories time! On Thursday Sister Bills and I had a lot of finding time. We have little to no teaching pool right now so we are knocking and street contacting like all day. But Wednesday night we were looking at a list of potentials we could go see and Sister Bills points out one name that stood out to her that she said we should go see. So we plan and go out to contact this person. We knock the door and ask if that person was there, the lady says she lives next door (although we had knocked the right door), so we just say we are sharing a message about Christ and talk to her a bit, and then this lady let us come in! This NEVER happens. This is only the 2nd door I have been invited into my whole mission I think. So we go in and this lady was so kind to us, she was just so happy and friendly, it was a nice change seeing that people here aren't like that. But we share the plan of salvation with her and about half way through she stops us and just says how glad she is that we stopped by because she had been "talking to God" all day with a question and we had answered her question. WOW, the spirit is real and guides us everyday! We are going back to see her again this week. She was so nice and such a miracle!
         Saturday we had lots of knocking time again and we were working in a place we call "Zion" cause it is a nice new housing estate with lots of big houses and families. We had about 2 hours of knocking out there and didn't see a ton of success. One lady let us in (2 in one week, we are so blessed!). But we were walking in between doors and said hi to this guy who passed us on the street and asked him how he was and he just kind of kept walking and said he wasn't having a good day that he had a bad cold. Well about 10 doors down we see him, and the next door we knock was his door. He answers and he was just so nice to us. We got to know him a bit and shared the restoration with him. By the end he just kept saying how badly he wants the conviction and testimony we have about God and Christ. We said a prayer with him before we left and when we said amen we looked at him and he was crying. We know he felt the spirit and that we helped him. It was one of the most bittersweet moments of my mission cause we could tell he was sincerely listening and cared about what we were saying. Sadly he is on holiday now then moving in 2 week (side note, literally every solid person we have met lately is moving! It is so frustrating! We met a girl the other day from Stavanger Norway, that was cool. I wanted to teach her so bad, but she was going back to Norway that day...). But we have faith that this man will call us. We both just saw and envisioned him being baptized :)
         About 5 minutes after talking to that guy we got straight up yelled at and chased out of this neighbourhood. That was fun and I felt like a real missionary :) this Housing estate all had "no uninvited sales person" signs on their homes, and I have always knocked those doors my whole mission and have never had a problem. Well this one lady was livid we were knocking there and yelled at us and said she was calling the police if we didn't leave the estate right now. She was saying how we are "selling religion" and I was just like no, we are sharing a message of happiness...she didn't like that haha. I can now say I have been yelled at on a door step :)

Walking the streets of London!

         This week Sister Bills and I were also able to go to the temple with the ward on a mini bus. Mark went to do baptisms, it was so cool to be there with him! And he loved it :) he is doing so good and just soaking everything up in the church right now! We also took Ben with us again cause he wanted to talk to Elder Pinegar, the VC director who used to be a professor at BYU and who is so knowledgeable. We watched the John Tanner Story movie with him there, and about half way through the spirit brought to my remembrance that I am related to John Tanner. I was almost in tears while watching this movie just amazed at how blessed I am to have the ancestors that I do. Look up the John tanner story movie and read about him if you don't know who he is, he was a very important man in the early church history and we are very blessed to be his ancestors (like blessed in such a way that we have the promise that none of us will ever go hungry because of what he has cool!) but ya, the temple was good :)

         So in summary, life here in Taunton is good :) I love it here and I love the miracles we are seeing. Training is hard, like really hard but I have had so many prayers answered lately, training makes you rely on the spirit and it is a good growing experience.
         I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Sister Robison xxx

Playing football with the zone leaders for p-day!

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