Monday, June 1, 2015

Temple, Interviews, Baptism, Stonehenge and So Much More....


Hey Family! 
         This week was crazy!  Baptism weeks are always so stressful on missions, it is ridiculous.  We have to make sure the investigator is still on track, organize everything for the baptism and so much more.  So much stress...but C GOT BAPTIZED! It is one of the best things to be a missionary and see someone enter the waters of baptism.  The past few days the same thing has stood out to me in church and study, and that is that what I am doing goes far further than just my mission, I am changing peoples lives forever and one day in 20+ years I will be able to see my converts kids go on missions.  The joy that I have had as I have realized that is unreal.  It is so fun to serve here because practically the whole ward, well everyone in England really, is converts, so I get to hear all about their conversion stories.  Just thinking about C, and T, and T telling people their conversion stories makes me so happy.  Being a missionary is great. 
         So last week we went to Bath for p-day.  But Bath is so pretty!  Definitely somewhere I want to go back and visit.  It was so convenient cause we just emailed on the train up for one hour, and on the train back, then had like 6 hours there.  Sister Dimond and I just kind of wandered around the city.  We saw the place the filmed Les Mis I believe, when Javier commits suicide...I will send a pic.  We ended up in some art museum as well...then we got gelato.  I felt like a normal person again, it was weird but fun.  Then we met up with the Elders in our district and zone Leaders and went to the Roman Baths...which was cool.  It is the only Hot Spring in the UK and the romans like built a temple around it or something...I cant remember exactly what it was...but it was fun. 

Pulteny Bridge-I think this is where they filmed Les Mis

My District & Zone Leaders at the Roman Baths

Our Roman Friends

         Tuesday was really good for sister Dimond and I.  We have so many people to teach that we get so stressed all the time.  We don't even have time to contact at all during the day, which is hard because we are supposed to talk to everyone in our paths.  So we get super stressed cause we think we don't have good enough numbers, but we don't have enough time to do any finding.  But Tuesday it turned out that all our appointments cancelled, so we just went out and did finding all day in Bridgwater.  It was so nice.  We did street contacting and knocked some doors.  Finding is a great stress reliever for me because you can forget about yourself and just go help people be happy.
         Wednesday we spent most of the day planning for our temple trip the next day and the baptism.  We went to the Temple on Thursday with some investigators, recent converts, and less actives.  The ward rented a mini bus, and a member of the bishopric drove for us.  It is a 3.5 hour drive, so it was quite a long day.  We left at 6:30.  It was so nice to be back on the temple grounds. So that was a fun day, all of our investigators there had a really good time as well.  The temple is amazing, if you ever want someone to feel the spirit, take them to the temple ground and teach about Joseph Smith...miracles will happen!
The Group at the Temple

     We got back into Taunton around 5 Thursday night from the temple just in time for President Millar to get there for interviews.  This was my final (and only 3rd) interview with him, so that was really sad.  I really love President and Sister Millar, they are such great people.  He also told us that everyone is going to see Elder Holland next week at the Hyde Park Chapel, so that is super exciting! 
         Friday once again was a day of planning and getting the baptism sorted.  I am telling you baptisms are super stressful. But Saturday was the baptism.  We taught him one night this week and we had to be outside, but it was really cold and we were all dying.  We showed him the bible video of Christ’s Baptism and afterwards he just said "it isn't cold anymore" it was so cute haha.  He was really against baptism when I got here and didn't recognize the spirit at all, but then all of a sudden one day everything just clicked and ever since then he has been so happy, a totally different person.  We bought him a nice quad for a baptism present and that made him so happy.

         So there ya go, there was my week.  It was a really stressful week and Sister Dimond and I overcame a lot of weaknesses.  We have truly come to know and understand repentance and what it means to repent this week.  The gospel is amazing.  Repentance is real and works for any situation.  I was reading the lyrics to Saviour Redeemer of My Soul yesterday in sacrament meeting and read the scripture at the bottem D&C 95:1-2 (I believe) and that scripture is all about how the Lord rebukes and chastens the ones he loves.  If I have learned one thing on my mission, it is that the Lord gives us weaknesses so that we can turn to him.  They aren't a bad thing Ether 12:27.
         Sounds like your summer is off to a great start!  When do you go on all your holidays? 
         Yes I got the journal mum, thank you :)  and I sent a package home today for someone, it is a surprise who...but it should be there in like 1.5 weeks hopefully.
         Well family, I love you all so much.  Sorry if my email is too long...I just get typing and can't stop.  I cannot believe it is June feels like just yesterday it was January.  Where is time going?!?!

Have a great week!
Sister Robison xxx

oh and I saw Stonehenge this really isn't that great, it just looks like a bunch of rocks thrown in the middle of a field

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