Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Week In Taunton


 I am glad that you are all alive and safe...not gonna lie I was really worried about you guys at Lake Powell one night...but I prayed super hard and I knew you would be safe.  Sometimes I would get really sad that I wasn't there with you...but then I remembered that I am in England so who needs Lake Powell?  I can go to Lake Powell my whole life...but only once can I serve the Lord.
         This week was full of ups and downs.  As you saw we were able to go to the temple this week again and that was one of the best days of my whole mission, if not the best day of my whole mission.  Here is the story:
         So you may remember Chris Mitchell from Brighton, he would help me teach all the time there and became one of my really good friends.  Saying goodbye to him was one of the hardest goodbyes I had in Brighton.  Well Sister Dimond is one of the sisters who taught and baptized Chris a year ago, he was actually her first baptism.  So he decided he was going to go through the temple on June 20 like 6 months when I heard that I was being transferred to Taunton with Sister Dimond he literally shouted for joy...he leaped up and over his joke.  But the only roadblock was that the day he was going through was 3 days after transfers so we weren't sure if we would still be together, and the rule is only the missionaries who baptize the member can be there for the temple.  So Chris prayed all last transfer that we would stay together as well as Sister Dimond and I, and prayers are answered.  We had a hard time finding a lift to go up to the temple and we weren't sure if we would be able to go, but everything worked out and we found a member to take us up.  It was such a surreal moment to be sitting in the temple with all the members from Brighton that I had grown to love so much.  Seriously sitting in the chapel before the session made me realize how much I loved all those people. And then sitting in the Celestial room with all of them was one of the most spiritual moments of my life.  The spirit I felt this time in the temple was unlike anything else.  It was such a happy moment for me.  I was able to see Elder and Sister Dean, Lewis, Chris, Bishop Mitchell, and so many others who I love so much.  We were in the Celestial room for almost 2 hours just taking it all in.  It was so amazing and I am so blessed that I was able to go.  It meant a lot for Chris as well.  Wow, it was just such a good day, one I will always remember. 

         This week we also had Zone Training up in Bristol.  Sister Dimond and I were asked to give a presentation on extending baptismal dates early and retaining them...cause I guess we are good at that or we spent a lot of time preparing for that the early half of this week.  We gave our presentation and everyone in the zone keeps calling us telling us all these miracles they are seeing from applying what we talked is weird.  But our presentation went really good.  And I just have to say, I love the Bristol Zone so much.  I am really good friends with a lot of the missionaries in this zone and it makes everything so much better!  We had to say goodbye to President and Sister Millar that day as well...that was really sad.  I just barely felt like I had gained a relationship with them and felt like I could be normal around them, and now they are leaving.  It was hard and will be hard to see them leave.  We meet the new president next Thursday so that is exciting...

         Here is a miracle story (sorry if I told you last week...)
So there is this less active couple in the ward who we are best friends with, literally.  They are really close to our age so we spend P-days and stuff with them.  He came home from his mission early for different reasons and they have been married for almost a year.  Well we have become really good friends with them and they used to never let missionaries share a spiritual thought or anything related to church with them in their home for different reasons, but Sister Dimond and I have just been super bold and pushed our way in.  We found out this week that neither of them have read their scriptures for 3 years, since he came home from his mission.  So we made a deal with them that if they started the Book of Mormon and texted us every day what they learned, then we would do the same thing.  So we are doing that now and they are reading everyday.  They are coming to church again as well, even teaching gospel principle.  I know I tell you all the time, but READING THE BOOK OF MORMON IS SO ESSENTIAL.  Please read the Book Of Mormon, you guys should start a group message in the family and share what you learn really helps. 
         I don't really remember much of what happened this week besides that...I will send a lot of pictures today, sorry I never send any anymore, we email on our ipads and I have no way to get them on my ipad...but I am on a computer now so you will get some. 
Sister Robison xxx 

Guess Where I Went This Week????

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