Monday, June 29, 2015

Sowers, Reapers and Nourishers

What missionaries do on p-days!!

     Where do I begin...? This week has been one of the longest/most exhausting weeks of my whole mission. The whole time I have been in Taunton sister Dimond and I have been teaching like crazy. We didn’t ever have time to find because we were literally running from one teach to another...and it was like that up until this week. Then all of a sudden this week we only had one investigator and we don't really know this week consisted of finding, finding, and more finding.
         Here is the quote that applies to this week:
"Some are sowers, some are reapers, some are nourishers, but the harvest is his"
         Now I would go on to preach and explain how it applies...but neither sister Dimond or I can really remember what it means to that won't work. Hahahaha
         But in all truth, this week has been "hell" as they say here cause that isn't a swear word here :) but somehow we have both made it out alive. It has been really hot here and we have been walking and teaching people on the street all day everyday, which let me tell you is physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. Try talking to like 80 people everyday and having to listen super closely to them and discern their needs...needless to say every night I come home just exhausted. But we keep telling ourselves if we can make it through today, then we can make it through tomorrow.
         So this week I didn't have too much going on to talk about because we are finding all the this email is going to be stories of weird people I have met on the street lately, get ready these are good and some are slightly creepy too...

-We met a guy who said he was Jesus and there was 5 Jesus’s on this earth and he has a microchip in his head and God is controlling him...he was super creepy. Definitely had an evil spirit around him.

-We were walking home the other night and there were 3 guys across the street from us, we didn't want them to think we were following them, cause we weren't we were just going home, so we decided to take a detour and go another way. Well we got walking and we realized that the way we were going was leading us away from home so we then had to turn around so they really thought we were following them. Next thing we know they are crossing the street towards us with this smirk on their face and trying to talk to us, so we turn super missionary on them and do the classic "what brings you happiness in life?" Approach then just went off about God and Christ and how much happiness they bring us...the looks on their faces was hilarious. Hahahah #sistermissionaryprobs

-We get whistled at all the time which is one of the most annoying things on this planet. I mean we aren't dogs. We just about turned around and punched some guys in the face yesterday cause we were just so sick of it.

-We had someone tell us last night that he is older and wiser then us and doesn't need Jesus In his life so we talked about the power and authority that we have.

-We were supposed to walk a guy to church today cause he told us to, so we went to his house and his girlfriend answered the door and told us about how it is so wrong to send two girls to pick someone up and "walk them to church"...awkward

-There is a kebab shop here (that is a food place) and all the guys there love us, we wave to them every time we go by. That is a happy part of our day.

         The list could seriously go on and on. Taunton is a strange place...lots and lots of weird people. But it is teaching me to love everyone as a child of God. Definitely teaching me not to judge people, which is a huge lesson I need to learn. Oh and we are teaching this guy who is a self referral. He is super intellectual and I may have told you about him before. Pretty much he wants to be a "liberal Mormon" or "new order Mormon". Which pretty much means he doesn't want to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Well he is so smart and reads so much, today after church I went up to him just to talk and here are a few of the topics he brought up: Kolob, the Holy Ghost being material or immaterial, where the Holy Ghost lives, garments, the sacrament and the symbolism of it, if all Mormons have to be republicans, and about how there are many gods and not just one. My head hurt so bad after that conversation...and we have that like everyday with him. Oh and add a whole bunch of stuff he reads about Joseph smith online that he believes is fact about his life...that really shouldn't matter. We love him, he is just someone who I have never had to teach before. But he is set to get baptized in 2 weeks so that is exciting!
         All in all I am just so tired. This work is so exhausting and it never seems like we can quite catch up with everything. There is always something we have to do and we never have enough time. It is so hard, but I guess one day I can sleep again...
         This week I read the article “All is Well” in the Ensign this month. You should all read it, it is really good and helped me a lot this week. Although I am not a pioneer there are still so many lessons I can learn from them, especially being a missionary. My favorite quote from the article that sums up the lessons I have learned this week:
         "From the pioneers we can learn to have faith and trust in God. We can learn to have compassion for others. We can learn that work and industry bless us not only temporally but also spiritually. We can learn that happiness is available to us no matter our circumstances."
         I love you all family! Thank you for all the love and support you constantly give me, I couldn't do this without you. Have a fun Fourth of July.  Enjoy the fireworks for me. 

Love you!
Sister Robison xxx

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