Monday, March 2, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

     Well this week flew by!  I seriously am so amazed at how fast my mission is flying by.  I can't believe that I have been here 4 months already, it is crazy!  I am always talking about how weird time is here; I think sister G. might be sick of me talking about it so much ha-ha.  This week was better than last week for sure.  We were teaching a lot more than last week so it was good. 
     On Monday for p-day we went shopping, and I bought some really cute ankle boots, English style is so much different than American style.  I am slowly transitioning my wardrobe to fit in over here.  I keep looking at everything I have collected so far and just hope I don’t have to pack it up soon because I don't know how it s going to all fit.  
     Tuesday was a really good day.  It all started with a failed appointment.  We were supposed to see an investigator who has been taught everything but is just too busy to ever come to church.  He never told us a time we could meet up, so we ended up staying in our flat making area book calls and having lunch.  We walked out to the bus stop to go to the chapel and guess who was at the bus stop, the investigator we were planning on seeing.  So we talked to him for the 40-minute bus ride.  It was a pretty cool miracle.  We taught a few new investigators that day who we think are going to be really good potentials.  They both came from the area book, which is a miracle.  One of them will take a lot of work.  He felt a lot of pressure last time he was being taught, so we are trying to not make him feel like that, but hopefully still get him to the waters of baptism. The other guys story is actually pretty funny.  So Sister Stuart and I talked to a guy on the street a little while back and he had investigated before and was interested in meeting up again.  So I was going through the phonebook trying to find his number, and there was only one person with his name in the phone, so I called it (yes, I am slowly getting over my fear of calling people), and he said he wanted to meet up, so we set an appointment.  Now with people like that, we are never quite sure if they will show up or not.  So we were sitting at the chapel waiting for him to come, and this guy walks in. This was not the person we had met before.  I had never seen this guy before, but he still doesn’t know that we didn't know who he was and didn't mean to call him...ha-ha.  But he is really interested and took a B.o.M and came to church yesterday.  Miracles.  The Lord works in weird ways.  We talked to him last night and he still seems really interested in the gospel and what we are all about, which is really exciting! 
      Wednesday we had District Meeting.  Our district got split this week because they closed down one of the areas in our zone and had to change some stuff.  So the other set of Sisters got moved out of our district, so it was weird without them there.  I had to present at DM on how to use the B.O.M in finding.  I learned a lot from studying/preparing for it.  It went good.  The district that the sisters got moved into has district meeting at our chapel as well because it is a central location for them, so we all had a big district lunch after.  I made some snickerdoodles and ranch dressing, so everyone loved me.  I also met an Elder from Wellsville, so that was fun to talk to someone about the good old Cache Valley.  
     Thursday was spent contacting AUP's (the less actives we have to find) in the pouring rain.  So that was fun.  It has rained so much here this week.  It has been pretty miserable.  Everyday is just pouring down rain, but it is getting warmer which makes me really excited for summer!  We also went to dinner at a member of the bishoprics that night; DA's are always nice.  You guys should have the missionaries over for dinner :)  Speaking of that, you will have to let me know about the new Logan mission when it opens.  It will be interesting to see how that is.   
     Friday was contacting AUP's again.  That has taken up a lot of our time lately because we have about 40 we have to get done by next week.  We had dinner with the Deans and a recent convert, and a member named Simon.  Dinner was good, but our convert has been stressing me out lately.  He hasn’t come to church for 5 weeks and we don’t know why.  Being a missionary can be stressful...that night sister G and I had an intense heart to heart for like 2 hours.  We just talked about everything and I realized a lot of stuff I need to change.  I have not changed into the person I want to be/know I can be, so I am working hard on submitting my will to Heavenly Fathers and letting him change me.  Change is scary, but it will be good. 
     Saturday we saw a miracle.  Our bishop gave us a referral a few weeks ago for a lady whose daughter had recently joined the church in Arizona.  We had tried and tried to call her, but she never answered, and we tried her house but she wasn't home.  Saturday we received an online referral (where the person gets online and requests a visit) and it was her.  So we went out and tried again and her daughter answered the door.  She is so nice and really interested in the gospel.  Sadly she is going through a divorce right now so she doesn't have time to meet with us this week, but she is a really good potential!  We are really excited about her. 
     Well that is just about everything about my week.  I got your letters this week, thanks for those, I love hearing the postman slide letters through the door.  I always get up and run to the door in the middle of comp study to get them.   
     I have written in my journal everyday so far, be proud.  It is hard to remember to do sometimes, but I love reading back through it and remembering everything I have gone through already. 
I can't believe Taylor comes home today!  That is so crazy that his mission is already over.   
     Well I love you all so much and pray for you everyday.  Thanks for all the love and support you give to me.  Keep being the best family ever!  And keep teaching from PMG for FHE.  That is what we do when we go to members homes, we have started to read straight out of it with them, it teaches everything so simple and clearly.  
Love you!

Sister Robison xx 

I gave in this week and wore my ugly missionary shoes for the first time. 

They have baskin robbins here!!!  This made my whole day!

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