Monday, December 14, 2015

As for me and my companion, we will...go to London!!!

Hello again. It's me sister Robison :)

         Well, I'm going to London for pday today so I don't have much time to email today...but here are a few highlights of my week :)
         Monday for pday we watched the Christmas devotional in the chapel with some of the sisters while the elders were buying us pizza...mission life haha. But man, that Christmas devotonal was so good! I especially loved Elder Bednars talk, I recommend you all study it again :) then I went on exchange with Sister Manage from Sri Lanka (isn't that cool!?) that was fun. I have come to really love exchanges.
         Tuesday evening we were planning zone training (a meeting with our whole zone that us and the zone leaders are in charge of). We all had put a lot of prayer and thought into this meeting for what the zone needs and we decided we needed to talk about making the connections between finding, teaching, and baptising. How you go from one point to the next. So we did the finding part of it. And wow, I have come so far on my mission. I love finding and I finally feel like I know how to do it. That is always a good thing.
         Wednesday we had to wake up super early to catch a train at 6:50 to get to Crawley early for zone training to continue planning it with the ZL (we procrastinated planning it big time haha). But it all went really well. Our presentation was really good. You know missions change you. We had to give a 30 minute presentation, and we just prepared it the night before. We also had to prepare a 5-7 minute talk, we just did that on the train there haha. It's crazy how I'm just able to put things together that quickly now. Back home it would take me weeks to prepare those things! Haha. We also got a surprise visit from President at zone training, that's always fun. We ended up doing a Q&A session with him and he taught us some deep doctrine about temple sealings and what it takes to enter into the highest level of the celestial kingdom. I want to talk to Grandpa Smith about all of it now, I learned so much! I love deep doctrine.
         Then I went on another exchange with a sister from England. That was fun. This weekend was good. It was the primary program in the Epsom ward, there are about 20 primary kids here so it felt a bit like home. 
         Well I'm sorry I don't have time to write more...we decided on Saturday that we wanted to go to London today and the APs gave us permission. So I am going on the London eye today!  I love London!
         I got my package sorted. Turned out the zone leaders had the letter in their car for the past week that I needed. So I called this morning and paid for it, I will get it tomorrow. It was a £28 fee.  I will let you know next week when we will Skype...we have no transportation on Christmas so we aren't quite sure what we are going to do.
         But I love you all and am grateful for all the prayers you send my way! Merry Christmas!

Sister Robison

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