Monday, April 6, 2015

What a Good Week!

Hello family,
         I am alive don't worry.  I am sure you probably freak out when you don't get an email from me at 5 AM haha.  But we went to the temple today, that is why I am late emailing.  It is bank holiday, what that is I don't know, but the temple was opened so my whole zone went and did a session together.  I have been so blessed to have the temple in my zone, it truly is such a blessing.  And the weather is so nice now!  Yesterday it was like a whole new world, Easter came and all of a sudden it is so nice here!  The sun was shining, and there are flowers and life is just great.  It was/is always nice to be in the temple with so many missionaries.  Sitting in the Celestial Room with all the missionaries and people who I have come to love is one of my favorite experiences on my whole mission.  It just reminds me what heaven will be like one day :)
         Well this week was great.  I was able to watch all the sessions of conference except for the last one.  They showed it at the chapel and we had some people there so we were able to watch.  What I got from conference:  When I get home I need to get married. haha jk, but it seemed like everyone was talking about families.  I did learn a lot and I really enjoyed conference as a missionary.  It was nice to watch it with no distractions.  No phone or anything, being at the chapel in my Sunday clothes really helped me concentrate.  I think my favorite talk was Elder Oaks, but there were lots of good ones. 
         This week I have worked harder than I have my whole mission pretty sure.  I may have told you, but we have been told that in order to baptize monthly we need to have 10 meaningful gospel discussions a day.  I have never hit that my whole mission, that is really hard to achieve.  But guess what, this week we did it!  Well almost, we didn't quite get 70, but we had 56!  That is a huge deal for me.  I had never even hit 30 my whole mission, so that will tell you how hard we worked.  I was so tired every night and so exhausted, but I have also been a lot happier this week.  Just goes to show true happiness comes from serving the Lord. 
         This week we also had Zone Training.  That was fun.  Elder Idso was there so it was fun to see him. I walked in and he asked me if I got a package from the YW, and I hadn't, I just got it today, so I was like no.  I was really sad I didn't get one, but now I have it so I am happy.  Thanks for the new skirt and candy, it was fun to walk in the mission office today and see that I had a package I wasn't expecting!  I love post. 
         Our recent convert T is doing a lot better.  We took him to the temple for a fireside this week which was really good.  He came to general conference and is getting more involved with everything.  Prayers are answered. 
         Sorry I don't have much time today cause we still have to go do our grocery shopping.  But I love you all so much and I am so glad you had a good spring break!  Know that I miss you, but I am focused out here, not on home anymore.  To be honest I was focused on home and when I would be going home a lot at the beginning of my mission, but the past is the past.  I loved what Bednar (I think it was him) said in conference about how God doesn't care about who you were, just who you are becoming.  That is going to be my motto for my mission
Peace and Blessings fam
Love you!
Sister Robison xxx 

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