Monday, February 9, 2015

England...the land of many foods

     Well family, this week was weird.  It has been a rough few days getting ready to say goodbye to Sister Stuart.  I love her so much and we have had so much fun this transfer.  I am going to miss her so much. 

Right before Sister Stuart left., it was so hard...I love her so much!
     I know you are dying to know what is going to happen to me.  I am staying in Brighton and my new companion is named Sister Ghanikali, she is from Germany and actually trained Sister Holley (my mtc comp), so we will see how it goes.  This next transfer will definitely be different, lots of changes in the district with 4 new missionaries coming in.  It will be interesting.  
     So this week was a week of trying a whole bunch of new food.  On Monday Tosin made us some Fufu, which is classic Nigerian food.  I had heard so much about it and everyone wanted to try it, so he made it.   It wasn't my favorite food, but I tried it! 

My Nigerian friends Tosin, Vincent and the fufu!

     One night we had a DA with some recent converts and they had Prawns for an appetizer, that was a first.   We also had lamb for dinner that night...I think that was a first. 
     Friday night we had a Chinese hot pot.  It is like fondue, but with water and chinese food.  I tried crab that was weird.  But I figure I am on a mission I might as well try all the food that I can.  I also had curry for dinner last night.
     Sorry this weeks email is super random and unorganized.  My mind is all over the place and I am so scared for what is going to happen this transfer.  I got another priesthood blessing last night, which was nice.  The priesthood is amazing.  Such an amazing blessing to have it on the earth today.  I have cried more this transfer than my whole life I think.  It has been bad.  I don't know what or why, but I am so grateful for the things that I have learned from Sister Stuart.  I have learned the importance of teaching people not lessons, she is so good at loving people and really caring about them, I need to improve on that.  I have learned the importance of enjoying my mission because pretty soon that will be me in her shoes going home.  I have learned how to work out differences with companions.  It is once I realized that Sister Hickman was really gone that me and Sister Stuart were able to become best friends and really enjoy our time together.  She has also taught me how to have fun.   I honestly can't believe that my time to be trained is over.  Where did the past 3 months go?  I don't feel any where near to the type of missionary who is trained already.  I honestly don't even know what happened for the past 3 months of my life, being a missionary is so weird. I have learned so much about myself in the short 3 months that I have been out and I can't wait to see what is going to happen for the rest of my time here.  I need to truly enjoy every moment I have out here, especially in Brighton, because before I know it I will be leaving and probably bawling my eyes out.  
     I am going to miss all these missionaries leaving so much.  I am sitting here at the Deans with all of them having a pancake breakfast just waiting for them all to leave.  It is so weird, these guys are all my best friends and have all been there since the beginning of my mission.  They have had such a big impact in my life and I couldn't thank them all enough.  We have made so many good memories and I am truly grateful for that.   

My District

     I am so blessed to be here in England as well, this land is amazing and so beautiful.  It is very very cold as well though...miserably cold, but thats okay I am surviving.   
     I love you all!  I loved your email this week.  That message from Elder Nelson you shared with me mom was something that I read this week.  It was such a powerful message, I loved everything that was talked about.  The apostles are inspiried people, listen to their council.  I can't tell you the amount of talks that have blessed my life out here, they are the best.  
     Have a fantastic week!  Pray that I will be able to make friends with my new companion.  I am scared for what the future holds and I know that trials are coming.  That was talked about in my blessing last night.  But trials make us grow right?  Trials are a good thing, it shows me that it is time for me to grow and the Heavenly Father wants to see me progress.  

Love you all!

Sister Robison xx

On p-day I bought me some diet coke and ice cream, I was in heaven!

I love this place!

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