Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Glorious Week in the Promised Land

     Hello mi familia.  So this week was weird.  Transfers week is always weird.  My new companions name is Sister Ghalkhani and she is from Germany.  She has only been out on her mission 6 months, so this is her second area and I am her 3rd companion.  She is super sweet, quite and soft spoken.  She is very obedient, which will be really good for me.  I need to improve on being more obedient.  But it can be frustrating sometimes too.  I always remember what President King told me when I was getting set apart, that it is possible to be an obedient missionary and have fun at the same time.  My past 2 companions have borne witness to me of that.  We were obedient, but we were able to laugh and make memories as we did the work, which helped get me through my first 2 transfers.  We were still obedient to the white handbook, but we were able to relax and enjoy the time we have here.  I keep talking about that with her so hopefully she will start to laugh more and we will be able to have a good time.  There is a difference between being disobedient, being obedient, being perfectly obedient, and being overly obedient.  I know I can learn a lot from her though.  Everyone calls Brighton the Promised Land, and I never really understood why, until now.  She talks about her old area and how different it is from Brighton.  There were no other missionaries in the ward, it was a branch, no YSA, no one to talk to, basically it was just them.  Here, I am best friends with all the YSA and missionaries, and I do have a really good relationship with a lot of people in the ward, which I believe is okay to have, because we are here to help strengthen the ward as well as baptize people.   I can sit and carry on a normal conversation with most of the YSA. We all know each other pretty well, and I guess it isn't like that in most places in the mission.   So there you go, Brighton is the best.  I don't ever want to leave, because I am scared that when I do leave I will be put somewhere where it is only my companion and I and no one to talk to or become friends with.  That’s scary.  But with that said, this ward has a lot of work to do.   Some of the  people in the ward aren’t involved as much with missionary work, so that is going to be a big focus this transfer, getting to know these members and getting them involved in the work.  
     Brighton is also a hard place to serve because everyone in the mission looks at it and sees that there are so many people here, we must be baptizing so much and teaching so much, but the truth is they don't see the struggle it is to actually find people to teach here.  We spend so much time out talking to people on buses and on the street, and hardly ever see success.  It can get very discouraging sometimes, but we keep praying in faith that we will see a miracle soon.  There are so many people here; you would think someone would listen to us!  That is a big struggle, and our whole district is struggling right now trying to find people to teach. 
     We have interviews with President tomorrow, it will be my first one since I have been here, and he has asked that we bring our area book and planners so he can look at them.   I have spent a lot of time this week sorting that out and getting it organized.  There is a lot of paper work we have to do as missionaries...
      I’ll tell you about this week.  Monday after Sister Stuart left (so sad...) I was with Sister Sargysen for 3 days.  She is serving in Eastbourn and is the other sister in our district.  So we spent Monday in Brighton contacting referrals and street contacting, then Tuesday we went to Eastbourn for the day.  Nothing too exciting happened.  We did start talking to one lady on the street and she asked us where we were from, so I told her I was from Utah and she said “Oh I have a sister in law who lives there, she's a Mormon” and just kind of laughed like she was making fun of us, so that was awkward.  When we told her that we were Mormon... she walked away and got on a bus...ha-ha
     Wednesday was our P-day so Sister Sargysen and I went charity shopping, they have so many charity shops here, and they all have so many skirts for the 2 pounds!  It is the best.  I got one that is pretty cute.  Then I met my new companion and we came back to Brighton to unpack and contact referrals.  
     Nothing really happened the rest of the week.  It was a lot of street contacting and contacting referrals.  We haven't had any new investigators for a long time now, like the whole time I have been on my mission, so we are desperately trying to find people to teach.      On Saturday the Chinese Elders had a baptism.  A girl named Jessie got baptized and she is the cutest girl I have ever seen.  She is 3 days younger than me and I love her so much.  It was such a good service as well.  Baptisms are so cool; the spirit is always there so much.  I love them. 
      At church yesterday one of the ladies in the ward came up to me and sister G and asked who the new missionary I guess I need to show my face and talk to more people in the ward so they will recognize me ha-ha.  In study this week I studied about the millennium.  That was pretty cool to read about.  I studied the different resurrections and the angels that will sound their trump...Tosin had questions about it, so it wasn't a pointless study.  The plan of salvation is actually really fun to study, so much to be learned!  I also read Alma 5, if you need a good rebuking and reevaluation, check that chapter out, it will do it.  I read it and had a good realization of what I need to do to improve my life and become more converted to Christ.  I also set the goal this week to read the New Testament on my mission, so I started reading it; I am really excited for that.  Sacred Time (study time) is my favorite, I really wish we could just study all day; one hour is not nearly enough.  
     Well folks, that is just about it for my email this week.  We have a lot of fun activities this week in the ward.  We are having a big Chinese new year party Friday night which is supposed to be epic, so that will be fun.  Then Saturday there is a family history workshop that I think we are going to go to...oh I checked out our family tree last week...our last name has like no origin, it is from New Hampshire or something...weird.  But we do have a whole bunch of ancestors from England, which is cool, but not in my mission I think...
     I love being a missionary, it is hard and this week was hard.  I thought a lot about home this week, especially with Sister Stuart being home...but I know I need to be here.  I just have to take it one day at a time and slowly things will improve and as I try my very hardest I will be able to find those in need of the gospel right now.  I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!  
     So there you go :) love you so much!  Thanks for all your prayers; I know they really do help in my week. 
Sister Robison :) xxx

Sister Ghalkhani and I 

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