Monday, January 19, 2015

2 Months In England!

Hey family! 
     Sounds like you guys had just an average week.... and that’s good cause I just had an average week as well.  Nothing really exciting happened this week; so sorry this letter may be a bit boring. 
But Monday for P-day we filmed more for the video we were putting together for Zone Training.  These videos are hilarious; I will try and figure out a way to send it to you, because it sums up Brighton pretty well.  I had a Kebab for lunch on Monday.  They are pita type things that are super greasy and people usually only eat them when they are drunk, but my district told me I had to try one.  It was pretty good, but I don't know if I will be having one again for a while.... Google a kebab shop and you will see what they look like. It is just a huge hunk of meat that they slice off for you. 
     Tuesday was a rough day.  It was just one of those days where I was really frustrated with how the day was going.  That night we went to the Deans for dinner.  They had some YSA girls who are going on missions soon, so they had us over to talk to them about stuff, so that was good.  
     Wednesday was full of contacting Less Actives and being rejected.  We have about 300-400 less actives in this ward, which is a ton! So we are doing a lot of work with finding those who aren't interested and who have moved and all that fun stuff, but it has to be done, so we do it.  We didn't see any success that day, but one of these days we will find a less active that will want to talk to us.  Funny story from Wednesday:  We were walking down the street and there was this old lady with a cane about 30 feet ahead of us, we weren't even close to her, and she lifts her cane up and yells "move, now!” at us.  It was so freaky and funny and I was just freaking out.  It was hilarious ha-ha.  
     Thursday was Zone Training, which was interesting.  Our presentation was good, but people didn't really think our video was funny.  That’s okay cause we thought it was funny and had fun filming it.   President gave a really good presentation about missionary work.  He told us that we wouldn’t see the success of our work until we raise our own kids and see them go on missions.  He talked about how ultimately we are out here learning things for the rest of our lives and preparing us for raising kids and being married.  It was really good.  

The Brighton Ward missionaries. Elder Reed, Sister Stuart, me, Elder Green (the DL), Elder Lam (Chinese speaking missionary), and Elder Williams (Chinese speaking)
This was for one of the scenes in our movie we did, we did a dress and grooming segment, so we all dressed super ridiculously

     After Zone Training we came back and we baked cookies to give to members who help us a lot, it was really nice doing service.  We also treated ourselves to a really nice roast meal.  We mashed potatoes, carrots, sausage, gravy, and Yorkshire pudding (which is amazing).  It was really nice; we both just needed a break from everything after Zone Training.

Our yummy meal Thursday night!

     Friday we had to stay in our flat for the first half of the day waiting for a dehumidifier to get delivered.  So we studied a lot in our flat and got a lot done that needed to get done.  That night the ward did what is called "quiz and chips" basically trivia while we eat French fries.  It was pretty fun, except I had no clue what any of the questions were because they were all like English history and English celebrities, so I pretty much slept through it ha-ha.
     Saturday we were out teaching all the people in Newhaven that we teach.  One Sister we are teaching accepted a baptism date!   We were waiting at the bus stop that night and these 2 people started talking to us, which was so strange because no one just talks to us, they were really nice and asking all about America and all this stuff.  I was just so taken back the whole time because they were talking to us the whole half hour we were waiting for the bus.  I also realized Saturday that I am in the most expensive mission in the world, living in the most expensive area in that mission.  Everything is super expensive here!  Pretty much it is double the price of something in America, which is ridiculous!  
     Yesterday was good...I love Sundays here.  Onr of our recent converts who hasn't been to church in a while and I was really worried about, came and he passed the sacrament!  It made me so happy to see him!!!  The gospel is amazing!  Sister Stuart and I had to teach Gospel principals again, I was kind of zoned out the whole time and she just took over.  It was weird, I don't know what happened to me but I just couldn't pay attention and I didn't have much to contribute.  All the missionaries laughed about that when I told them cause they could notice I was zoned out.... ha-ha oops.  Ya, and we didn't do much else Sunday; Sundays seem to turn into really unproductive days, which is really bad.  We need to try and fix that.  
     During our weekly accounting with Elder Green (my DL) we set goals for the week.  He told me this week that he is very impressed with my goals and hasn't ever seen someone set such specific goals, which was good to hear.  My goal this week is to study the Book of Mormon hand in hand with PMG.  So I will study a chapter in the Book of Mormon and identify a theme that I can then study in PMG.  I am really excited to do this, I really think it will help me a lot.  I am studying in Mosiah right now.  This time reading the Book of Mormon I have been really focusing on the story line and making connection with who is who, it is actually really interesting to keep track of, I am learning a lot.  I have also been studying a little from D&C everyday, that’s a cool book.  A few days this week I tried studying Abraham, because someone asked us about the history of it and where it came from and basically the validity behind it, but that is some deep doctrine in really made me think, there is some interesting stuff in there though.  
     This week we are going on exchanges with sisters outside of our zone, so I get to go to a place called Chichester.  I have no clue where/what it is, but I am excited!  
     I love you guys!  Thanks for everything you do for me and all the prayers!  You are the best family every!   
Sister Robison :)
 Oh and today marks 2 months in England for me! Woot woot!!

A cute little cafe we had lunch in one day

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