Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

Hello family!

     Sorry this is going to be a super short email because I AM GOING TO LONDON TODAY!!!!! We only have about a half hour to email, so it won't be too detailed.  Sorry. 

     But I am so excited for today, I have been freaking out all morning.  I couldn't concentrate during study time at all and I have just been counting down the minutes until I can leave.  

     Lewis (the Ward mission leader) has the day off work so he is going to take us and show us around.  It will be so much fun!  And it is supposed to be good weather!!!!

    So obedience has been really stressed in our mission this week.  We didn't know why, but everything was centered on it.  So after Friday, Sister Hickman and I decided that we were going to be 110% obedient to every little thing and just focus on our purpose as a missionary and work as hard as we can.  And guess what, we saw so many miracle Saturday and Sunday!  Those were two of the best days of my mission so far.  

     One miracle was that we had 7 investigators at church yesterday, which is a lot.  We are lucky if we get 1 some weeks.  So we were so happy about that!  We may have convinced some people to come cause it was a special Christmas program, but that is beside the point, they still came.  And one of the investigators brought her daughter who had never been to church, and she asked for a Book of Mormon because she wanted to read 1 Nephi.  Pretty amazing stuff.  

     Oh and we have a baptism this Saturday, super exciting!  

     We also taught more lessons this week than we have the whole transfer.  We taught 15 total, which is really good for this mission.  

     On Wednesday we had exchanges, and let me just tell you I was scared to death.  Sister Hickman left the area, and I stayed here with a different sister, so I had to lead the area.  Don't worry, we made it everywhere we needed to be in time.  I actually feel a lot more confident about next transfer now because I know that I know where I am going.  But the exchange was hard.  I have never been more stressed on my mission.   Lets just say I was really happy to have Sister Hickman back on Thursday.  

     Last night we had a stake Christmas concert in Crawley which was really good.  Elder Herbertson of the 70 was there.  His son is actually in my ward in Brighton.  I played the piano for that was a good concert though.  

     Sorry it is a super scattered email.  I did get your Christmas card this week and I loved reading letters on a day besides Monday!   Sorry no pics this week either.  I didn't take to many any ways, and I don't have time to send them.  Next week there will be some awesome ones from London though!!

     This week we are just going to go hard and enjoy every minute we can.  We have such a busy schedule, and it honestly doesn't even feel like Christmas.  It just feels like there is a big day this week.  But that is good.  I am not homesick, so have a good Christmas without me haha.  I wouldn't trade being here for anything!  

Love you guys!

Sister Robison 

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